Carriage horse collapses at busy New York City intersection

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A 14-year-old carriage horse collapsed on a busy Midtown intersection one week ago while the driver allegedly delayed 20 minutes before helping the horse get back up, reports Sunday’s New York Post.

According to eyewitness Bogdan Paul Angheluta of Farmingdale, Long Island, the gelding named Norman lay on the side of the road in the middle of 50th Street and 12th Avenue for 20 minutes after it “collapsed” and had been “breathing slow and hard.” Angheluta told the Post that the carriage driver had been hurrying the horse along to make the traffic light, but the horse was just too tired.

When a police officer arrived, the intersection was blocked off, and the carriage driver began cradling Norman’s head to calm the horse down. After ten minutes, the horse was back on his feet although Angheluta stated he was angry at the way the horse had been treated.

Christina Hansen, a spokesperson for the carriage company, stated Norman didn’t “collapse,” but tripped himself and fell describing the paint horse as “kind of a klutz.” A Health Department spokesperson stated the accident had been investigated, Norman had been checked over by a veterinarian, was not injured, and all was fine.

New York Class, an animal advocacy organization committed to creating a more humane city for all New Yorkers, has been working to end the New York City carriage horse industry. In a press statement on Sunday, the organization blames Mayor de Blasio for failing the “city’s gentle giants.”

Since the Labor Day accident, Norman has been reported to be doing fine.

(Photo via screenshot from New York Post by Bogdan Paul Angheluta)

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  1. I was just at NYC specifically Central Park. The temperature in the 90s and humidity horrific! I saw first hand how these beautiful carriage horses pulled carriages and tourists around in the stifling heat. Their bodies soaked with sweat, their nostrils flaring trying to get air! This is total animal abuse and must be addressed! PLEASE DO NOT PAY TO RIDE IN THE HORSE DRAW CARRIAGES OF NYC! It’s not glamorous or romantic, but you’re supporting the abuse of the horses! Try riding in the little carts the people peddle you around in. The people who own the bikes can make the choice to peddle you around. The horses have no choice!

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  3. do none of you think it’s strange that this ‘witness’ saw the driver abuse and yell at the horse, yet only managed to get a picture once the horse was down? obviously, none of you own driving horses or you’d know that it in next to impossible for them to get up when I full harness and hooked to a carriage. the driver needed to wait for help to arrive, and surprise, surprise, the ‘witness’ thought only of taking pictures instead of helping. horse wasn’t even hurt, not even a scratch, so it shows he went down under his own power, not collapsed in some sort of abused heap. vet report also shows no abuse, no dehydration, starvation, etc. but then you are all equine experts and ‘know’ the truth, right?? what’s too say that someone coming out of that bar didn’t throw something at the horse causing him to buck for sh*ts and giggles? or that this ‘witness’ came out of the bar and imagined what he claims he saw? it was 2 a.m., not exactly hot and humid at that time of night and certainly not a crowded roadway as would have been during the day. seems to me that he took pictures of a horse on the ground then made up a story to go with it, because, being the experts you all are… horses don’t buck, trip or even fall unless they are being abused, right?? this horse is his livelihood, so why on earth would he abuse, starve, cause dehydration to it? those horses are the most regulated and well cared for just about anywhere. instead of being armchair vets and trainers, go see for yourself. these horses are meant to pull, not stand in a field and do nothing. they still need to be fed and cared for and that takes money, but again you all probably think put them in a pasture and they can eat grass for the rest of their lives. sanctuaries are closing due to lack of funds and if there are so many people willing to take these horses, as has been claimed, then go to an auction and ‘save’ one that needs to be saved. but doubtful you’d be able to afford the round the clock care they need. only a true horseperson would take on that type of responsibility, and yes, I have rescues, two to be exact that I’ve had for 15 years now, healthy and enjoying retirement in their mid 20’s. get over yourselves and do some good instead of running your mouths about things you know nothing about, except from what you have seen in highly edited videos, one sided newsletters/pamphlets and, of course, all the pictures of horses,(some very old and outdated), that are only meant to pander for donations that never get used to save any of the animals they claim to want to help. protesting a lost cause is not helping, and what IF it did, then what? oh yeah, there are homes and sanctuaries waiting, yeah, right. anthropomorphized trolls is all you are.


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