Dog killed by bow-hunter

Cancer-stricken child’s dog fatally wounded by bow-hunter

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A dog, who was a best friend to a cancer-stricken child in Oklahoma, died after being fatally wounded by the arrow from a bow-hunter, reported News On 6. The dog, named “Tank,” was shot by a hunter in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, two weeks ago. screenshot-540

According to Shelby Shuffitt, grandfather of 12-year-old Junior Gray, who is battling Leukemia, when confronted about the cruel deed, the hunter tried to claim that the dog, who acted as a therapy dog to the child, had tried to bite him.

Tank’s family doesn’t believe that their dog would have ever tried to bite someone – they claim that it was not the type of dog that he was. The man who shot the arrow into the dog’s head will not face charges – in fact, the incident was not even reported to the authorities.


Shuffitt hopes that the tears in his granddaughter’s eyes will prove to be punishment enough to the hunter who killed Tank and broke a child’s heart.

(Photo screenshot via News On 6)


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  1. Star Shelley says:

    Was a sad ending to this precious dog , the idiot who shot him, owes this child another dog therapy . I am sure this dog did not bite him. These hunters, want to kill for the fun of it and anything that moves. Poor little girl and RIP to her dog.

  2. Sharon E Rouse says:

    Dont you want to report the man who did this?
    I am very sorry for your loss and wish you could receive some justice for what he did.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh come on! “Shuffitt hopes that the tears in his granddaughter’s eyes will prove to be punishment enough to the hunter who killed Tank and broke a child’s heart.” This heartless hunter could care less or he would never have killed a dog in the first place. He needs to be charged and pay for what he did! From the sounds of it, Tank was in his own yard, that fool had no business shooting him!

  4. maxiemom says:

    “Shuffitt hopes that the tears in his granddaughter’s eyes will prove to be punishment enough to the hunter who killed Tank and broke a child’s heart.”

    Sorry, but anyone MALEVOLENT enough to kill a family pet with a bow and arrow is NOT going to feel any pity whatsoever even when he sees the tears in a little girl’s eyes. He has no heart to reach! He lied about your dog trying to bite him, which is what they ALL do under the circumstances: if he felt any remorse, he would have admitted what he did and shown remorse THEN.

    Report him to the cops!!! He needs to face justice for what he did!!! This was a THERAPY DOG, not a tin can! That b*****d is just like way too many hunters who feel they can kill anything and everything that moves, and feel absolutely no pity, remorse, nor any guilt because their heart and souls were lost long ago.

  5. Marsha Squibb says:

    I’m so sorry your dog was murdered…he should pay restitution and replace Tank with another dog…. Another idiot hunter shooting at anything that moves…oh and the dog NEVER tried to bite you…he should have but didn’t…. you broke a child’s heart…. Happy?????

  6. Brenda Minarik says:

    This is an excuse for murder how many hunters use as an excuse and not to prosecute us even worse letting people use excuses that is sick no excuse he posed a threat to the child I seriously think hunting should be banned reason we have supermarkets buy your meat there. Hunters use there sport to kill simple

  7. edward says:

    What a dirtbag the dog that was in the picture looks very ferocious I have to agree with a huntereat I don’t think it could have scared to fly away how much you take a bow &arrow and should have right to his f****** head I’m sorry for your Los especially to your son karma is a b**** should probably get the Hunter

  8. Emma williams says:

    That hunter doesn’t give a rats ass that he broke her heart and I know it will not replace the dog she had but he should pay for another dog for that poor child

  9. Mag says:

    When these bastards are hunters they have already lost their humanity or their souls. They would not feel any remorse or guilt. Do not expect any remorse from this murderer. These people should be punished. Let them get a taste of their own medicine. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.


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