California woman accused of stealing and torturing dogs

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A California woman, accused of stealing and torturing dogs, is scheduled to go on trial later this month in Sacramento Superior Court. According to Thursday’s publication of the Sacramento Bee, 23-year-old Kayla Wright’s trial is set for July 28 for her alleged crimes which took place in December 2014.

Wright is facing charges of felony animal torture and theft for an incident which left one dog, apparently strangled to death with a speaker wire, dead. Another dog, also allegedly stolen by Wright, was found with its snout bound in tape and wire around the neck.

According to a prior publication of the Sacramento Bee, on December 26, a man in the Carmichael neighborhood had reported that his dogs were missing from his yard – one dog was later found cowering beneath a vehicle and another returned home with the taped snout and speaker wire; the body of a third dog was found in a trash container.

Wright was arrested in January 2015 – neighborhood surveillance provided the authorities with evidence to make the arrest possible.

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    • I 100% agree. She’s fully capable of murdering dogs, theft, torture & cruelty. She is a waste of tax payers money. I can only hope the Judge sentences her to lengthy prison term. Not jail. Prison. I’m talking Chowchilla.

  1. What a sick POS she is, it’s taken long enough to bring her to trial! If only we could put a speaker wire around her neck, tape and wire on her mouth and throw her in a trash can.

  2. Well I sure hope this ” young individual” doesn’t have a family that hires a slick lawyer to get her off !!! This girls has very serious mental health problems, and is possibly a psychopath! She could progress to killing young children, adults, elders at any time!!! For the sake of society at large lets hope the States Attorney and the Judge are well versed on the seriousness of the condition this girl is in!!!

  3. why taking so long to get this sick bitch to court and in jail where she should be. so i guess she has been out this whole time waiting to go to court and killing more animals?

  4. This sick b**** is a danger to society – both two- and four-legged members of it. She needs to be locked away forever.

  5. Maximum jail time, fines, fees and felony charge for each animal. This sick woman is very in humane and needs help.


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