Burglars break out truck window, saving dog from death

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Four men in Chicago, Illinois, unwittingly spared a dog from death inside of a parked truck. According to Thursday’s AOL News, on Monday, the men walked by a parked truck on the 1300 block of W Erie St. and then came back to break out a window…while their intent had nothing to do with sparing the life of the German shepherd inside, their actions likely saved his life.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident – the men did a smash and grab, taking off with a laptop which had been inside of the truck. The dog was in the backseat, hidden from view by dark, tinted windows.  Declan Morgan, owner of the Irish Nobleman Pub, told AOL News:

“If the window wasn’t broken the dog would probably be dead. The dog was in the backseat. They didn’t realize the dog was in there. The windows were tinted in the back.”

Screenshot (827)Thanks to the same surveillance cameras which captured the truck break-in, it was possible to see how long the German shepherd had been sitting inside of the hot vehicle…20 minutes before the window was shattered and another 40 minutes until the owner returned to the truck.

In this particular story, score one for the bad guys.

(Photos/screenshots of surveillance video via AOL.com)

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  1. SO did the authorities just let this Bull Shit person go with the Poor German Shepard so they can toast it again basking in the horrific heat without even a window cracked!!!!

  2. Thank God for the burglars! They should be given a medal as far as I’m concerned while that POS owner should face some jail time. It’s just too darned bad they didn’t break his head when they broke that window.

  3. And the piece of crap probably misses the lap top more than he would have missed his dog. As far as I’m concerned, Karma got him!

  4. Glad the dog got the help it needed even in weird circumstances: are the burglars and the owner of the car with the trapped dog inside being prosecuted HOPE SO JORN NEED TO BE , so happy dogs well xx

  5. When it’s a hot day and you open you’re car door, that gust of hot air you get in the face and how difficult it was to take breath, vision being locked in a sauna struggling to get out.


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