Broken spirit: Dog won’t look at anyone after lifetime of abuse

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What can be done to help a dog with a truly broken spirit? Buffy is a young female, brindle Mastiff who is scared to death. She barks aggressively at anyone who approaches her; her entire life has been one of abuse and neglect. Shelter volunteer Lois Chisholm’s heart broke as she posted the dog’s photo clearly showing her emotional pain:

“This dog is BROKEN…by a human, who kept her chained up and abused all her life. She won’t even look at anyone who tries to show her love and comfort. She doesn’t trust anyone and for good reason. If you know of a rescue who specializes in dogs who have been mistreated, she is in need of your help.

Doing nothing to stop this only allows others to believe it is ok to treat animals badly. This wouldn’t happen if people stood up for change; quit saying what can I do? Do something, or IT KEEPS HAPPENING.”

Click here for this dog’s Pet Harbor listing. A498952 “I am a male, black Pit Bull Terrier mix. (Volunteers state this is a female. There is also a male dog listed) I have been at the shelter since Oct 21, 2016. If I am not claimed, after my stray holding period, I may be available for adoption on Oct 27, 2016.” For more information about this dog, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304. Follow Buffy’s Facebook page here. Additional information can be found here.

Buffy’s photo and story have been shared more than 850 times; the situation is tragic. Animal advocates have been pledging funds to an approved rescue organization who can help this dog. Share with family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Report any suspicion of animal cruelty and abuse. Your call might save another dog just like Buffy.

(Photo of broken spirit via Andrea Neyses and Lois Chisholm)


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  2. We are not affirmed with any rescue group but I am known as the dog whisperer. I have rehabilitated many dogs and would try to help Buffy. I live a long distance from her.

    • Hi Deb, you may not see this as your post was quite a while ago. I have just seen this site and the poor dog featured. It quite simply breaks my heart. I wonder, did you have any response in your offer to help this dog? I have a little terrier (Bear) who lives in fear of any one new. It takes him a long, long time to trust (never really trusts most men at all) He is not as broken as the one in the picture looks. He barks in fear the whole time anyone new comes to the house and will not have anything to do with them. Some have tried patiently to sit on the floor, not looking etc. but Bear is canny and knows they are trying to get around him. Having visitors is a nightmare. If we put him in another room, he paces and salivates nervously and doesn’t relax until they are out of the house. We had him when he was a year old (now 6 years old) from gypsies where he had been kept in a cage most of the time. I think they must have gotten rid as he was so nervous and cowered when he was taken out. It’s possible he had been abused as the vet said he had sustained a broken pelvis at some stage in his early life. He now has a good a life as its going to get for him. He loves me, my children and my grandchildren. You can see the love in his face with his little shiny eyes. I have another terrier (we had her from 3 months old – now 5 years old) who is the other end of the spectrum. Afraid of no one and very outgoing. She is more interested in people when they feed her or if she thinks they are taking her out somewhere to dig for prey!! Cupboard love 🙂 I love them both, obviously. I wonder do you have any tips for helping rehabilitating my little frightened Bear – or maybe he is getting a little too old to change. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Jo

  3. Mastiffs are normally very loving dogs. They think they are big lap babies.. For this girl to be in this shape, she has been horribly abused… Please with love and patience she can be a wonderful family member.. They are lovers and very eager to please.

  4. Poor poor baby. Some people have no soul. I mean how could you live with yourself if you knew your hurting a poor doggie like that. That person needs to be locked up and the keys should be thrown away!!! Al she needs is reassurance that it won’t happen again. It’s going to take time but with patience and preservation she will get better. She needs to be shown love again. ?I pray that she will get better and find a great home.

  5. Sonnywood pet rescue in Beverly Ohio posted on fb that they would take this dog (this is one of their specialties). Please reach out to them!!

  6. On Oct 26th Cheryl Hanna posted that this baby was rescued. Does anyone have an update if this is true. Dear St Francis please let this be true. Update please. Thanks and God Bless you and this sentient being! ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ?


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