Boy and dog die after being struck by car

Boy and dog killed by car
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A Michigan boy, trying to capture his dog who escaped from home, was killed by a car in Westland on Saturday night. According to Fox 2 Detroit News, the 10-year-old boy, identified as Gage Carter, was chasing after his dog “Stitch,” when they were both hit by a car traveling on Wayne Road.

The car which struck the pair was driven by a 69-year-old woman, reported Click on Detroit News. It is not believed that the woman was impaired by drugs or alcohol. A family member told a local news source that Stitch bolted out of the house when a family friend opened a door…the child chased after his dog, who ran directly onto the road nearby.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help the family pay for the little boy’s funeral. The GoFundMe fundraiser description states:

Tonight God took another angel way too soon. Gage Carter was chasing his dog (his best friend) that had got loose and they both were hit by a truck and taken from us way too soon. The family is going to need us all to pull together and help them through this VERY hard time.

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  1. This family who is in mourning Raised a Loving, Gentle , and Caring young man, Who was never going to be a cruel, uncaring, criminal minded, individual that would harm an animal, or another human…. HE GAVE his SOUL for the dog HE LOVED SO MUCH!!! They are together forever! His family are Blessed to have had such a Wonderful Son and Friend to his Pet!!!!

      • Spoken from the Heart! It is clear that these Two were Bonded in both heart and soul and sad and heartbreaking as this incident is, there is also a small sense of comfort knowing their love and companionship continued into the hereafter!! I feel such remorse for his entire family and that little woman who hit them Too!

    • Penny’sdachshund, what a beautiful comment. I do believe that our dogs wait for us in Heaven. Stitch doesn’t have to wait for Gage, they walked through the gate together. How terribly sad for his family. My heart aches for them.

      • Working in the medical field for almost 30 years I was often so torn up myself over the untimely and horrific accidents leaving devastation and families torn to the very end of what any person should have to endure !!! This is one of those situations !!! I am glad I was not there as this very well could have been the one that would have broken Me!!! I too believe they walked and were met at the gate by the Higher Power to Welcome such a devoted pair!!! I Know his family is Not Short of Blessed to have had this young man in their lives.

  2. My heart absolutely breaks for this family. In this time of so much turmoil and division, we can all be as one in recognizing the simple unquestioning love of a young Boy for his pet and best friend, his Dog. Tragic that they both lost their lives, but they are together forever.


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