Bonded German shepherds homeless and scheduled to be euth’ed after owner’s death

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In an emergency plea for help, two purebred bonded German shepherds are in desperate need of rescue. In June, Betsey and Berta’s owner died.Bonded German shepherds No one else in the family would care for the dogs, and so they ended up at the West Valley Shelter in Chatsworth, California. A volunteer has offered the following description of the two:

“Betsy and Berta only have each other now. They’re joined at the hip, and Betsy is always staying close to Berta as she is bit more shy, and reassuring her that everything will be o.k. These two girls are intelligent, sweet and friendly. Had some basic training at home, and are bilingual (English and Hungarian).Bonded German shepherds2
It’s a tall order but we promised them we would try, they would love to find a home together if possible.”

Affectionately called the “Barbie Twins” their video can be seen here:

Click here for Berta’s Pet Harbor listing: ID#A1631697 . My name is Berta and I am an unaltered female, black German Shepherd Dog. The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old. I weigh approximately 80 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Jun 01, 2016. For more information about this dog, call Los Angeles Animal Services – West Valley Shelter at (888) 452-7381. bonded German shepherd Betsey2

Click here for Betsey’s Pet Harbor listing: ID#A1631688. My name is Betsey and I am an unaltered female, brown and black German Shepherd Dog. The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old. I weigh approximately 70 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Jun 01, 2016. Bonded German shepherd Betsy

Their desperate plights need to be shared immediately with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.  Limited information is available on Facebook here; it has been noted neither dog pays much attention to the other dogs at the shelter.

Photos via Facebook. Follow the National Pet Rescue.

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  1. dianaroby02 says:

    I love these girls. Please read this article and you will, too. Their guardian passed away and unfortunately there is no one to take them in. And no one has shown any interest in them. Consequently, a rescue is their only hope of getting out of the shelter. Not only are they are pure bred GSD’s, they are, wait for it, bilingual in English AND Hungarian! But don’t worry if you don’t speak Hungarian. I’m sure they will help you. They need a foster home, hopefully together as they are quite bonded. And they need pledges and a rescue group. These girls have been in the shelter since the begging of June, so its extremely important that they exit the shelter ASAP. Please help them.

    • jaden says:

      my heart is broken for these two animals German Shepherds are the most beautiful and amazing loyal animals they are in love with whoever takes care of them they are worth more than imaginable they are a perfect pet I really hope and pray that somebody will get these sweet animals

    • WNY says:

      I just checked their profile on Pet Harbor and is no longer available. Please give us a update if their still available or if they’ve been rescued or adopted. Thank you

    • WNY says:

      How would anyone have been able to make any pledges if the page wasn’t set for the public to comment on let alone make any pledges for them.. please answer that question for me. I want to know if they’ve been saved by a rescue group, fostered or adopted. Thanks

  2. maxiemom says:

    They are beautiful!! It’s heartbreaking that no one in the family would do anything for these beauties and give them a home, or at least keep them long enough to find one among their friends.

    I hope they find a home together soon.

  3. Mongoose218 says:

    So tragic when someone dies without having made a SURE plan for the care of their pets…….do they ASSUME family or friends will just take in their pets?

    PLEASE, no matter what your age, write up a plan, fund it with some money to pay for their food, vet care, etc. and be sure that people you choose agree wholeheartedly to do this……ideally have a second and third choice person in place, in case the first choice person can’t do it for whatever reason.

    THIS happens so often……So many dogs and cats die needlessly because their owners made ASSUMPTIONS that someone would come forward and care for them.

    • WNY says:

      I agree with you completely and really didn’t like the setup with the dog’s page either. That no one could comment on their page if someone was interested in rescuing, fostering or even adopting them. 🙁

  4. Mongoose218 says:

    Let me add this: these dogs are in a Calif. shelter, meaning NO ONE from outside Calif. can adopt them except via a complex method which requires FINDING A rescue that will “pull” the dog(s) and then agree to let you adopt them……

    Calif. Shelters are OVERLOADED with GSD and with Chihuahuas and Pit bulls……the German Shepherd dogs and Chihuahuas would DEFINITELY have a better chance of finding a home if they were allowed to be adopted out of Calif. or were moved out of Calif to another shelter……but generally Calif shelters hang on to their dogs and cats and refuse to show any flexibility…..they’d rather see them die than move them to another state or let people from other states adopt “their” animals.

  5. WNY says:

    I’ve already shared for them with other animal advocate groups and rescue groups and fosters as well. Though there’s no way to commend on their page because it’s not set to public.. that’s where the person in charge of the page is making a big mistake. How will they know who might be interested in taking them??? Please forward my comment to whoever the person is so they can change the setting on their page. Thanks

    • Carolyn says:

      What I saw on FB was their pictures and information and it said no one had inquired about them. Well how do they know that if the page isn’t set up to receive comments. And why can’t someone outside of Calif. rescue them?

  6. WNY says:

    This is the last time that I’m ever sharing using this site.. seeing you can’t comment or pledge for these sweet pets… saving their life.

  7. Sayner's Mom says:

    Thank you Cheryl! Just heart breaking looking at these babies…. fingers crossed that they are indeed rescued!!

  8. virginia green says:

    i hope and pray you find them a good home to go little dog i had was saved from beigning killed at a shelter and he lived with me for 45 years.he was old.but he had none after his owner die and the owners family did not want please keep us update on them.

  9. Cathy Lee Alcorn says:

    It is too bad that they cannot go out of state. I live in Michigan and would love to take both of them. My shepherd passed away in 2012. I currently have the last of six siblings that I fostered from 3 weeks old. He is not 2 1/2 and would love their companionship.

  10. Amber says:

    Thank you for all that you do. We are so happy that you helped these girls move over to GSROC where they will be showered with love until they find their forever home. You are all amazing!

  11. Christian L Lawrence says:

    Dear Cheryl Hanna please let me know if those beautiful German Shepherds have been rescued thank you. It’s ashame that people in California don’t start pro-testing that the animal’s can be adopted anywhere.

  12. Carol McKay says:

    I just called the number given at the end of the video to get status on Berta and Betsey. They have been adopted by a rescue group as of yesterday.

  13. George F Thibault says:

    I am a 60 year old single homeowner with a big yard and pool out here in quartz hill (antelope valley) i leave at 2pm and return at 2:45am im interested if they are house broken and can hold it in until i get home and can take them for morn/ noon and 3am runs out in the desert here when im home , and can use the exercise and companionship


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