Bonded dogs surrendered by owner with terminal cancer find a new home

Bonded senior dogs
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Two beautiful, bonded dogs named Bruno and Caramel— 18 and 17 years-old respectively were surrendered on Thursday to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter BARCS, because their owner has stage-four cancer, and has been transferred to a hospice facility. Unfortunately, there were no living family members equipped to take in Bruno and Caramel, and so they were brought to BARCS in hopes of finding them a new, loving special person.

Bruno’s medical needs, including arthritis and dental disease, would demand extra care. The two extremely bonded dogsbarcs-senior needed to go to a new home together with a new family able to attend to their special needs.

And then their plight was shared on Facebook:

“An angel who, despite being made aware of Bruno’s medical issues (arthritis, severe dental disease), is willing to say, ‘Sweet babies, a shelter is not where your story ends. You have been loyal to your mom for nearly two decades, and so you will not spend another day uncertain of who will be by your side. I will get you guys out of the shelter and care for you no matter how much time you have left.’”

As Bruno and Caramel’s story went viral on Pet Rescue Report, numerous inquiries were received by the shelter.  And as with the miracle of social media, in less than one day, Bruno and Caramel were headed to their new home. Thankfully, the duo only had to spend a few hours at the shelter.

And their new family? Bruce Miller-Crumrine read their story, and the dog lover just couldn’t resist. Bruno and Caramel will live out their lives with lots of love and attention. The two will explore and sniff in a big yard with a swimming pool in case Bruno wants to try some water therapy for his arthritis.

What a comfort it must be for the dog’s owner – knowing that her two best friends will forever be loved. And we loved helping. That’s how we roll here.

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  1. It is SO heartwarming to find out a Good and Loving outcome for a pair that really NEEDED that special Caring Person to give them a chance!!! I am glad this happened so fast so the ill owner could know their little loved ones were safe and loved….


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