Boaters rescue dog from the water near Martha’s Vineyard

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A dog, who somehow wound up alone in the water off of Martha’s Vineyard, was rescued by boaters on Monday. According to WCVB News, The white and brown spaniel was first spotted by passengers on a ferry which was passing by, but the ferry was unable to help the wayward dog out of the water.

Thanks to the screams from concerned passengers, a nearby boater circled around to help. The people aboard the Lovely Day were able to motor up to the swimming dog and when they were close enough, the tired pooch was lifted out of the water and dried off.

Cheers erupted from the nearby ferry passengers who were hoping against hope that the soggy dog would be saved. The rescued dog was wearing a collar, but no identification tags – the crew of the Lovely Day delivered the dog to the port authority in Oak Bluffs.

Hopefully, the dog has an embedded microchip to help lead him (or her) back where he (or she) belongs.

(Photo screenshot via WCVB News)

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  1. virginia green says:

    i hope he was safe and that they found him a good home if no one called for him.they did a good job getting the dog safe and out of the water.

  2. Louise Quan says:

    I never understand how or why people think the dog will not fall off a boat and how it goes unnoticed. Seems like these are the kind of folks that will leave their kids in a hot car.smh


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