Blind, senior husky must exit shelter facility

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A blind, husky, designated as a “senior” at the age of seven years, wa13920907_1713885872219308_184063099334870683_ns picked up as a stray and taken to Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California. The dog, dubbed “Philip,” has not been claimed by his owner, and as of August 1, his stray hold officially ended.

On Tuesday, a social media post was made on Philip’s behalf to the Blind and Deaf Dogs Networking Facebook page. The post provides additional information about the homeless dog, “I am reaching out on behalf of a sweet, blind husky in the care of our shelter who will need further vet attention for his eyes. We believe Philip to be completely blind. We also believe he may have bilateral entropion. Philip is squinting, has ocular discharge, and tear staining. Philip also has dental tartar/wear.”

Philip has shown no aggression at the shelter facility and is described as “calm, quiet and nice.” Philip has been designed as “rescue only” in order for him to receive the veterinary care that he needs for his eye condition.

Please share Philip’s information and help him find a reputable rescue agency. Philip’s identification number 307990.


Monica Alexander, Rescue Coordinator
Animal Friends of the Valleys
33751 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA
951-674-0618 Ext. 224

Click here to watch a video of Philip at the facility.

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  1. Mongoose218 says:

    Poor boy! He may well be suffering pain in one or more of his eyes, needs to see a vet, but realize that won’t happen in MOST shelters due to the cost.

  2. Ed says:

    Do you Dirtbag f****** dog or cat owners f*** you drop dead just comes to the time in your life when you’ll need somebody you know when you’re old when you turn in your pets die in the woods mother f***** by yourself may God be with you because you’re going to need hi


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