Blind and lost in brush: Tiny dog found walking in circles

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Tunica HS

Found walking along the road, blind and lost in the brush, a good Samaritan found the little pooch walking in circles as she was so disoriented and scared. Covered in briars, her paws swollen from the sharp needles, she had been discarded like yesterday’s trash.

Tunica HS 2Brought to the Tunica Humane Society, in Mississippi, shelter director Sandy Williams could barely imagine the hell this dog must have endured. Blind in one eye and missing her other eye, stoically the little dog remained still, as most of Sunday morning was spent removing the stickers and briars from her face and body.

Dubbed Princess, it was clear the dog had been repeatedly bred to produce more and more puppies. So typical of backyard breeders, Princess had been all used up and then callously thrown away.  Posted on the Facebook page of the Tunica Humane Society, Princess, from that moment onward, began her new life:

“Princess was reborn today. I pray we will have time to make this up to her. She deserves to experience love in her lifetime. From this day forward, she will be treated like a princess..”

Tunica HS 3

All cleaned up and now some kisses and hugs…

Tunica HS 5

Maybe one more hug and another kiss please?

Tunica HS 5

It is hoped that Princess will find a loving family soon, but for now she will never spend another night alone in a cage. Love is a warm place to cuddle and dream of her new life.

Tunica HS 6

And then to wake up in the morning and be greeted by the warm sun, a clean coat, a tasty breakfast and a loving hug … now to help Princess find her forever new home.

Tunica HS 7

Interested in meeting Princess? Contact the Tunica Humane Society.  To donate to this organization and help other pets just like Princess, please click here.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

Photos by Tunica Humane Society.

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  1. Had she been discarded or gotten lost somehow. I guess we will find out if no one comes looking for her. Prayers she finds a good home with people that love her.

    • Hi Barkley mom!! Gizmo’s Mommy Ellen here. This took some doing but I finally found this new site looking forward to seeing all the people I knew on Examiner

      • That was the worst thing about losing the Examiner, losing all the familiar responders. I just hope some of the trolls don’t show up.

      • Yes – one troll on particular & I think you know who that is!! I’m taking care of my Nicki today – she got stung by a wasp this morning on her lower jaw by the neck area. It’s all swollen and sore but she’s ok. She has discomfort because there’s a lump there but she’s breathing well. For a while I was a little scared. Hope your puppies are doing good too!!

      • No worries… although not everyone will agree with all that is said, and of course other opinions are always welcome, there will be no trolls nor insults to anyone allowed. Thanks 😉

      • Thanks Cheryl. There were times when this person tried to justify what the animal abusers did. I just believe some things may explained by behaviors, but are not justified. A perfect example is wanton starvation which, in my opinion, can never be justified. I’m looking forward to this site taking off and perhaps doing a lot more. I think it’s going to be exciting and it’s going to be great for the animals that need help.

      • So glad we are still able to follow your posts. It took me aback that Examiner did that all of a sudden. Look forward to your posts about animals in need.

      • All good here, pups not liking the hot weather, chilling out in the air conditioning. Hope your Nicki will be better soon, and yes, I know who you are talking about.

    • Nicki is fine today. Back to her old self. But now I know that she is allergic to wasps I have to be careful because she had a local reaction which I expected but if she were to get stung again it could be systemic reaction and that would be bad. The wasps this year are horrible really horrible and she wasn’t even bothering it – it was just there and apparently she didn’t see it.

  2. Cheryl, thank you so much for that very heartwarming story on the Tunica Humane Society and Princess! This is a very special no-kill shelter in the middle of a rural area of Tunica, MS. Although they are the only shelter in Tunica County, their assistance is far-reaching as they have rescued animals from as far away as the state of Texas. In fact, two Chihuahuas named Mary and Ada, who were on the euthanasia list at an Arlington,TX high-kill shelter, are coming on Thurs. July 7 to the Tunica Humane Society and will be fostered in a loving home until they are adopted. Several Moms and their puppies scheduled to die at Memphis Animal Services, another high-kill facility, are rescued by the Tunica Humane Society. They also rescue dogs and cats from neighboring MS counties. And they do this miraculously on a shoe-string budget from donations, grants, and fundraising events that are held throughout the year.

    Thank you again for helping to spread the message of the generous hearts who run this shelter for homeless and hurting animals in our community. Sandy Williams and her sister Gail Johnson are truly God’s angels whose wings are tucked into their mud- and tear-stained t-shirts. Love lives at the Tunica Humane Society.


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