Blind dog surrendered by family who moved away

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Last week, a seven-year-old, blind Pembroke Welsh Corgi named “Oliver” was surrendered to Humane Pennsylvania when his family moved away. The Operations Director explained Oliver’s situation, “His name is Oliver and he was surrendered to us because the owner was moving and was not able to have the dog at the location.”

She added, “He has lived with two other corgis, cats, and children and was said to do well with all. The reason we are seeking rescue is because Oliver is blind. The previous owner stated that Oliver has been blind since he was two years old, but did not provide us with further information.”

Oliver does not let his blindness slow him down – in fact, he is said to be “daring and friendly.” The operations director stated, “He will go right up to people he has never met and even without being able to see them he will find their face and start giving them kisses.”

Oliver needs to be placed with a family who will be able to work with his special needs and provide him with unconditional love and security. Please help Oliver by taking a moment to share his information.

Partners for a Humane Pennsylvania
610-921-2348 ext. 227

Facebook thread here.

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  1. sunwolfblog says:

    I would do everything even if it meant popping a tent somewhere to keep my 4 legged kidzs especially if he/she had a handicap! sweet little Oliver can only Imagine what goes through his mind 🙁
    We are here to take care of them not abandoned.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I was wondering the same thing, there is no mention of them surrendering the other family pets. Another bogus excuse from irresponsible owners! Hope Oliver finds a wonderful loving home!

  2. William Stull says:

    Our third rescue Corgi “Buster” came as a package deal with CRANKY rescue, as our son said, he needs a good place to be loved and die. He was without coat, underweight, diabetic and was starting to get cataracts. He gained weight, coat came back, stabilized his insulin, he had to have an eye removed, went blind in the other eye, loved us, counted stairs, loved us dearly, developed cancer and today several years later we still miss him. He was the smartest, bravest and biggest trickster in the world. So Oliver if you don’t find a loving home we will drive to PA and teach you how to talk Kentucky. Panda and Ginger and Quincy will fit you in if you are willing to adopt us.

    • Mongoose218 says:

      PLEASE contact the shelter ASAP and see if they will adopt to out of state people, and what their requirements are! You sound like the perfect family for him!!! Good luck!


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