Bittersweet rescue of a mother dog and her newborn puppies

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In the bittersweet story of a very pregnant pup who found herself dumped at a rural southern shelter, her life as well as the lives of her babies, just days from being born seemed slim. And to make matters even worse, the gentle dog, dubbed Sweetie Pie, suffered from an advance case of heartworms. Sweetie pie mom2

Ultimately Sweetie Pie delivered her litter at the shelter, and for three days gave every ounce of energy she could muster nursing and caring for the puppies, despite having been emaciated, abused and very ill. And then Sweetie Pie died from heart failure. The shelter immediately reached out to rescue organizations asking for help for the three-day-old puppies. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rushed right in. Sweetie pie mom

“We were only notified of Sweetie Pie and her story, after she passed away, when her babies were left with no Mom and therefore no lifeline. We stepped in with our bottle feeders ready and waiting and accepted these innocent 3 day old puppies into our rescue to give them a fighting chance at survival and the possibility of a wonderful future,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue. Sweetie pie mom 4

The puppies are currently in foster care and are being bottle fed.

“We do this for Sweetie Pie in her honor. Rest in Peace Sweetie Pie
We will fight to keep your babies alive,” had been posted to the Facebook page for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Thursday evening. Sweetie pie mom 3

Donations to help the puppies can be made by clicking here, or by Paypal:

(Photos courtesy of RescueDogsRock NYC)

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