Bear has to be freed after breaking into car

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Deputies in Jefferson County, Colorado, were faced with a unique (and frightening) situation on Tuesday when they were called about a bear who was trapped inside of a car. According to Tuesday’s KDVR News, a girl phoned 9-1-1 after finding a bear trapped inside of her Subaru.

Two deputies with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department responded to the call and found a bear inside of the car…there were no broken windows, the bear apparently discovered how to open one of the unlocked doors and let himself (or herself) in.

With nerves of apparent steel, a deputy cautiously approaches the car and is able to release the rear hatch – the bear quickly scampered away into the surrounding forest. Nobody was hurt in the unusual encounter – aside from the Subaru’s interior, which was thoroughly destroyed by the bear, who had been desperately attempting to get out of the car.

Screenshot (732)The deputies noted that the bear appeared to be young – it was likely that his (or her) mother was nearby. Thankfully this one-of-a-kind situation ended well for all involved.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of the entire situation.




(Photos via Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The bear must have seen the Subaru commercials with the dogs driving the car, and decided he would give it a try. Poor girl, I think I would have had a heart attack had I found a bear in my car. It’s too bad the interior was trashed too, but I’m glad it ended with no injuries to humans or the bear.


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