‘Bait dog’ rescued from abandoned home in Asbury Park

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In Asbury Park, New Jersey,  officers with the Humane Law Enforcement for the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) responded to a complaint from a neighbor reporting two dogs had been abandoned at a Monroe Avenue home.

According to the Facebook page of the organization, as officers approached, the female dog now dubbed Rosie (aptly named for her warm and sweet personality) had been left tethered to a fence in the yard.  As the officers got closer, the dog’s shocking and disturbing condition was chronicled:

 “…as we approached we saw the gruesome reality that she had been living. Rosie was covered in bite wounds, old and new, which ranged from the size of a thumb tack to the size of a quarter. The majority of punctures were on her face and head, some being inside her mouth, which had abscessed to the size of golf balls.”

At first, no one could even tell if Rosie’s one eye had been missing as it was swollen and oozing with blood and pus. The other dog, a male was not injured and in good shape; both dogs were taken to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital where they were assessed; Rosie was then sent to the Monmouth County SPCA for treatment in Eatontown.

“Rosie has shown no aggression towards other animals since she has been at the shelter, so we believe she was being used as a bait dog. With dog fighting, a bait dog is used as “practice” for other dogs; they are restrained sometimes with their mouths taped and their legs bound so they have no chance at defending against an attack. Rosie is lucky to have been found when she was and is now in the best of hands, receiving constant care from our staff and feeling free of pain.”

A special page has been created to help raise funds for Rosie’s care. Veterinarians will need to operate on her left eye and it is hoped her vision can be restored. To help Rosie and other animals in dire need of veterinary care, please consider a donation. MCSPCA (Rosie) at 260 Wall Street, Eatontown, New Jerseyy 07724.

Photo courtesy of MCSPCA.

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  1. virginia green says:

    good work.now find who owned the 2 dogs and make them pay all the cost for both dogs and do it to them also.hope and pray both dogs will have a good loving home soonalso.

  2. WNY says:

    How nice of that neighbor reporting the dogs were at that house. However they couldn’t have reported dog fighting there sooner.. what the hell is wrong with people, it’s beyond me. Praying that Rosie will be healed completely especially her eye as well. And to have a lovely family that will care and love her conditionally for the rest of her life… so so heartbreaking. :'(

  3. edward says:

    You fucking. Lowlife garbage piece ofshit. What you let happen to thT poor animal is a sin. You cowardlely. Bastards. If you where in front. Of i would treT you better much better. First i would cut out both your eyes. While i was eating i sandwhich then yake you to i take you to a dog ring cut u slowly with a razzor pick you up and throw you onto the pit and get a soda and a popcorn and cheer the dogs on to rip you to shredds. Then pick up the remains and feed them to the hogs. The best part you wouldnot see it comming

  4. Joanna says:

    This country is filled with such evil vile people. Do what other countries do how do their hands and their legs and let them suffer

  5. Deanna Jolly says:

    Horrifying. I hope you can save her eye. I thought it was gone! Sweet Angel Rosie is going to make it with all you nice people caring for her…thanks a million. I have so much admiration and respect for those who can handle this cruelty towards animals and patch em up and give them their lives back.


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