Badly neglected dog could barely move when he was found

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Days ago, a badly neglected dog was discovered in Leisure City, Florida. The young dog, estimated to be just two or three years of age, was so weak when he was found that he could barely move. After a plea was posted to social media, Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, Inc. 501(c)3 responded – the agency described the pitiful condition of the neglected pup, “when he was found he was weak and defeated unable to stand or walk.”


A village of people have come together on behalf of this sad castaway dog who has been dubbed, “Cayden.”  Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, Inc., stated:

PETS BROWARD immediately stepped up as soon as they learned about Cayden….definitely an extraordinary organization that is working on saving our redland dogs

Knowles Animal Clinics also offered to give this gentle giant the best treatment possible and they went above and beyond when caring for him.


Pets’ Broward updated Facebook followers about Cayden’s condition:

He has severe demodex mange and also pretty severe anemia, but both are being treated and he should make a full recovery! This poor guy is just 2-3 years old and extremely emaciated at 67 lbs! If you would to donate to his care, you can make the donation directly to Knowles Animal Clinic.

Things are looking up for this abandoned and neglected dog – he has a rescue commitment (NAIA No Animal In Anguish Pet Rescue) and from here on out, he will never know hunger, pain and loneliness again.

Donations can be phoned directly to Knowles Animal Clinic at (305) 279- 2323 – please reference Cayden.


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  1. Edward says:

    The douchebag that allow that in time to get looking like that you’re not a human being you’re a piece of s*** shame on you, coming around the corner is my friend Karma

  2. susispot says:

    Speedy recovery Caydon. You won the lottery, or the next best thing…loving people to give you the care you desperately needed.

  3. margaret bostic says:

    Hopefully Cayden recovers quickly and finds a loving family and home that will always love him. GOD be with you little one. Have they found and prosecuted the low life heartless excuse for a human being who did this to this beautiful defenseless little dog?????


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