Baby python found with its mouth sewed together

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In Miami-Dade County, Florida, a snake was found in a family’s backyard on Wednesday. When Lt. Scott Mullin, with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom One team was summoned to remove the serpent, he arrived at the house and expected to find a full-grown snake that could potentially be dangerous. Instead he made a disturbing discovery of a baby ball python with its mouth sewn together.python-with-mouth-sewed-up-2

The snake was no more than 14 inches long. According to the Miami Herald, the family had never seen the snake before. Mullin transported the python to a local reptile rescue group who assisted Mullin in removing the stitches from the snake’s mouth. It is not known how long the snake had been left in that condition, but it had developed a fungal infection as its mouth had been closed for an extended period of time. The snake will stay with the group to be rehabilitated.

On Sunday, when Mullin posted the photo of the snake on his Facebook and asked readers if anyone had any idea why someone would be so cruel, answers came back suggesting the act was related to  Vodou or Santeria. The dark, evil witchcraft regards snakes as belonging to the devil reflecting back to the Garden of Evil. It is possible a note had been left inside of the snake’s mouth designating the person to be cursed. Meanwhile the snake would have died a slow, torturous death. According to folklore, as the animal suffers an agonizing death, so does the person cursed.

Even though many people do not find snakes to be cuddly pets, this possible satanic ritual is nothing short of egregious animal cruelty. This little guy was lucky.

(Photo of ball python courtesy of Lt. Scott Mullin)

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10 replies
  1. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    Lucky??? NOT!

    What kinda som’bitch SEWS THROUGH THE FACE of a living creature???

    Biblical reciprocity is in order…

    I hope to GOD, He sends another flood – of epic proportions – and eradicates the pestilence of “man-kind” (a species which is anything BUT: the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was)!

  2. Jane Mary Morgan says:

    Just when you think life can’t get worse you read this! People that abuse innocent animals are not human beings they are Freaks of Nature worthless to both man and beast!

  3. nina says:

    This is wrong in some many ways .. I think all animals are beautiful and we must respect them … how would the person who did this .. liked if some tied his mouth closed and could not open his mouth to eat or breath .. who ever did this is an idiot .

  4. Gabriela A. Alosi says:

    I am so happy he was rescued. Even thou snakes gives me the shivers, I can’t phantom the idea of hurting them or any living creature. There are some pretty sick people out there and my first thought was some kind of sick ritual, or vodou. Wishing that little fellow a speedy recovery.

  5. Jez says:

    I do not condone any cruelty to animals and am active in animal rights. There are a selective few who do these practices, archaically in the name or purpose of either some sick self-satisfying need or through things such as Santeria or old school Voodoo. But, observing and reading this, as a tenured and practicing Occultist in many of the forms under that umbrella term, the injection and inclusion of the term ‘satanic ritual’ is an ignorant and uninformed assessment. Santeria and Voodoo neither worship ‘satan’ or the devil in personification that non-practitioners have an understanding of. The darkness of the ‘magic’ used is based more in a belief and power system than named idols. True forms of Satanism do NOT include this type of practice. Quite the contrary. Anyone ever admitting or labelling these acts as ‘satanic’ or in the name of, are grievously uninformed and misled and misguided. It only continues the stigma and perpetuates a media pushed idea of what those words imply as opposed to the truth of the practices and people behind it. A bit more research before using terms/labelling as such relinquishes credibility to the situation or motive. Bottom line is the unnecessary cruelty to the animal, absolutely. Perpetuating myths through ignorance has no place here.


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