Authorities search for 2 men seen on viral video slitting a dog’s throat

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UPDATE: According to the Bastrop Police Department one hour ago, the men have been arrested. They have been each charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of conspiracy. Both Sadler and Stanley have been booked into the Morehouse Parish Jail.

In Bastrop, Louisiana, authorities continue to search for two men accused of slitting a dog’s throat and then posting the video on Snapchat for all the world to see before someone else shared the despicable deed on Facebook.

Hannah Gospin

According to KnoeNews, authorities were called to the Bastrop Louisiana Killpen on Wednesday to question Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley. The two men were scheduled to meet police officers at the auction site to turn themselves in, however neither man ever appeared. The owner of the auction, Mitchell Stanley denied any knowledge of the video, and stated he didn’t know either man even though one man shared the same last name.Hannah Gospin 2

The extremely disturbing video shows one of the men accompanied by a dog wearing a collar with a rope around its neck. In the video, the dog is seen on the back of a horse holding on for its life, and later the trusting dog’s throat is slashed. Police in both Arkansas and Louisiana are searching for Stanley and Sadler. They face Class D felony aggravated cruelty to animals charges.

The photos and video were shared to the Facebook page of Hanna Gospin with the following comments:

“… screenshots from a Snapchat story posted by BOOTS STANLEY AND STEVEN SADLER from ARKANSAS. In the video it shows these boys torturing a dog by tying it on the back of a horse while the dog hangs on for dear life. The next clip is of a boy slicing the dog’s throat. It was real; there was blood, and you can hear the dog suffocating.”

Video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Video and screenshots via Hanna Gospin


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  1. Syl Mill says:

    I can’t understand what kind a person gets their jollies off doing cruel acts…they’ll make great parents, huh? I’m ready for an eye for an eye punishment…but not in this country where we’re worried about if the guy on death row is going to suffer during their death sentence, like did they care as they committed their murder if their victim was suffering? And if they were they probably relished it. there’s a problem with all these sick-os running amongst us

    • Jb Dean says:

      Sadly I’m in such a country where these horrors happen daily AND we worry about the discomfort a murderer faces. Personally, I’m for duct taping a hefty garbage bag over their heads and letting them die slowly … give them a little more time to think about why they’re dying. That’s a lot more than they gave their victims! And I’m for capital punishment for animal murderers, too. The only reason the definition of murder doesn’t currently include non-human animals is because it was written by human ones.

  2. Red says:

    These two monsters deserve no mercy, no leniency and should be locked away in a cell with MANY, MANY, large, mean animal lovers……let them see how well they hold up then!

  3. Theresa says:

    Those two fucking pieces of shit should have a knife driven in their fucking throats and never breathe again on this earth

  4. michelle mitchell says:

    Death of these 2 ugly faggots is required and I am ready,willing and able to help implement this.Death by decapitation is ideal,commencing with their tiny dicks being dissected and then these POS being forced to munch on them! OH YES!!!!


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