Appalling situation uncovered for dogs at research lab

Undercover investigation at research lab
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An undercover investigation has revealed an appalling situation for dogs held at a medical research lab. The sad situation was revealed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Thursday. The release from the organization outlines the situation:

Video footage obtained by PETA reveals that behind closed doors at Texas A&M University, dogs deliberately bred to develop crippling muscle diseases struggled to walk and swallow. Experimenters at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Missouri also engage in this shameful practice in which colonies of dogs are bred to suffer from progressive muscular degeneration. Video footage given to PETA France by the group Animal Testing shows that the same misery is being endured by dogs at France’s Alfort National Veterinary School.

The video footage is difficult to watch – the dogs are shown drooling, heads down, struggling to walk. PETA described what happens to the dogs who are bred with the genetic condition:

The dogs are genetically prone to different types of muscular dystrophy (MD), including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), which is particularly severe. These diseases ravage their bodies and are characterized by progressive muscle wasting and weakness. Most dogs never reach adulthood. Some are completely crippled before they even reach 6 months old, and half endure agonizing deaths before the age of 10 months.

According to PETA, years of research on the dogs has done little, if anything, to help people suffering from muscular dystrophy. PETA stated:

After decades of testing on generations of debilitated and suffering dogs, there is still no cure or treatment to reverse the course of this terrible disease in humans. So children afflicted with DMD continue to suffer. Analysis of muscular dystrophy studies using dogs has shown that there are serious pitfalls when trying to apply those results to humans. In fact, there are even studies that have produced the opposite results in humans. There are better ways to help patients with MD.

Click here to read more about this sad situation and how you can help bring it to a halt.

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  1. Watching these videos is traumatic enough, I can’t even begin to imagine the living nightmare, the hell, these poor dogs have to suffer through, that’s no way for any being to live. Well it’s not living is it. With all the advancements in computer technology surely we’ve now grown psat the need to still test animals. So sad and heartbreaking to see how much pain they are in, unceasing suffering. God please let there be a way out for these beautiful animals. If we’re seeing videos such as these now come to light then perhaps that will prompt further investigation by those who have the power to permanently put an end to this. Surely actual laws are being broken here? Love and prayers to these sweet souls, that they may soon be freed and, where possible, given loving homes and a happy life.

    • I bawled during the entire video. There appear to be a few dogs who are “healthy” and could be in homes. The kindest thing for the remainder of the poor babies is to send them to the Bridge. This “testing” is BS and it needs to stop.

  2. Im shocked,why hide your faces. Your guilty, thats it.everyone needs to know what the hell you dispicable people are up too. You will be closed down, you inhumane bastards. You should be put in those cages, and what you do to these innocent dogs, you will get.we will watch you drool and crawl around, and eat garbage. These dogs deserve a life, free from torture, and cruelty. How can you bastards work, and help these dogs suffer and die.

  3. Thank you piece of s*** in that laboratory hope you f****** die a horrible f****** death and hope you get pushed and down after everything is shut the f*** down you scumbag Lowlife

  4. STOP IT !!! STOP IT !!!!!! FOR GODS SAKE STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how those people can work around the poor suffering dogs …. SICKENING …..YOU are the animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This has to stop omg what the f – – k is wrong with the humane race! They show no mercy for these dogs. I think I could actually kill someone doing this to an animal and not think twice. This is so wrong someone needs to stop this my God these poor dogs are suffering. I couldn’t even watch the whole video way to heartbreaking…

  6. It has got to be STOPPED now to end the suffering for all the dogs in this appalling lab????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Oh my God !! This is not humane !! How can anyone stand there and watch these poor animals and not do anything to save them !! Close all these labs !! I had a very hard time watching this because I am an animal lover !!

  8. OMG, this is horrible. How can anyone with a conscious work in these places? Do you people have any feelings? All of these labs need to be shut down. Those poor dogs

  9. I honestly couldn’t watch the whole video. My animal lover heart couldn’t handle it. This just makes my soul cry. No living being should have this done to them. It just devastating that these poor dogs will never know love or kindness just suffering.

  10. This is nothing but animal abuse and cruelty. We put people in jail for animal abuse and cruelty , this is where these so called people need to be. There should be laws against this testing.


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