Animal cruelty case: Someone cut off dog’s penis

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According to Friday’s WYFF 4 News, a reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever cut off a dog’s penis. The dog, a yellow Labrador retriever named “Major Payne,” was attacked and maimed after he jumped a fence and escaped from his yard on Winterberry Drive in Andrews, South Carolina, on June 9.

Elizabeth Byrdic, one of the dog’s owners, has been utilizing social media to keep people updated about the dog’s injuries, and to help find whoever is responsible. On July 5, Byrdic wrote, “$500.00 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who attacked Major Payne Byrdic on June 9th, 2016 in the Big Dam community of Andrews, S.C. in the vicinity of Winterberry Drive. His penis was cut off and he was severely beaten in his belly.”

The dog has undergone surgery for his injury and he is learning how to function with his altered body. Anyone with information about this animal cruelty case is asked to reach out to the  Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 546-5102.

(Photo via Elizabeth Byrdic Facebook)

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  1. Ellen Anderson says:

    So sorry this happened to this sweet dog. But owners ….. come on. Dogs can jump fences and should not be left unattended if you really care about them. This never should have happened …. the abuser should never have had the opportunity to do this.

    • Jaime Mechelle Carter says:

      Really?? are you blaming the owner ? People should never attack an animal ..ever ..if the sick mf will do this to a dog they will hurt a person ..only someone twisted would do this .dont you dare try to blame the owner ..i dont care what people sitting behide their phones n laptops have to say ..all life matters .pain is pain no matter what species it is .we are not suppose to live in a society that does this crap .. Im the fur mother of 3 wonderful boys. I would lose my mind if someone did this to my fur baby ..enough is enough .. Im sorry this happen to your boy hopefully he will be ok .hope you find the person who did this .they need to rot in jail. Animal Laws need to change .

      • Marlies Renee says:

        It is true they may do this to a human, BUT,humans who think prior, plan to, and execute some of the horrendous crimes against another human, AND animals. But yet they are given time, and i mean years of excuses, appeals, and a animals are murdered, AKA(PUT TO SLEEP) if they bite, or nip at someone, which is their only defense, pawing at you, biting in pain is all they have. We have some many humans that one country limits how many kids you can bring into this world, the world is over populated, BY FAR, i am 53 i have 4 dogs 2 rabbits, and they are my life, i would, could never think to eat them, i would rather shoot them in the head and bury them, and STARVE TO DEATH, WHOEVER DID THIS SHOULD HAVE THE SAME DONE TO HIM AND IF YOU WRAP IN A PLASTIC BAG I WILL DRIVE OUT TO THE DESERT WHERE IT WILL NEVER BE FOUND. THEN WHILE PENIS LESS HE WILL HAVE A JOLLY GOOD TIME IN PRISON, BEING SOMEONES GIRL FRIEND

    • Louise Louise says:

      Sure this should have never happened! Dogs jump fences sure, but your a real idiot if you think this gave any mother fucker the right to abuse this poor dog they way they did! It was not the owner’s fault!! ?

    • Karen Riley says:

      That is just f****** sick they need to find the perpetrator and cut his penis off smdh I hope whoever is responsible for this act of Cruelty is caught and dealt the harshest punishment that they can be dealt

    • Rhonda says:

      Are you seriously blaming Owners Ellen? I am a fur member and things happen. My dog jumped a fence I didn’t think he could, go after who’s sick enough to do this. Awful, 8 hope they find him n castrate him

    • GizmosMommy Ellen says:

      I’m sorry but you don’t deserve to have the same name as me! Mobody with the name Ellen would actually accuse the VICTIM of something. You are blaming the victim, you moron. Just go away but change your name first because YOU are an embarrassment.

    • malgorzata szostek says:

      To guard a person 24The abuser will always find the opportunity to vent his/her anger or to satisfy his urges. If you cross his path, you become his prey. They attack in a following order: 1. pet /small animal 2. child 3. young woman 4. any senior citizen 5. adult man.

      • malgorzata szostek says:

        @Ellen Anderson Issue at hand : lost (and found) dog had genitals cut off . Focus is on the sadistic person who did it. Dogs jump fences , toddlers walk away in a split second. They should not be found with missing body parts or sexually molested. At least not in a healthy society. So the real issue is moral depravity and lawlessness among us.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      You are assuming he was “left”, I’ve had dogs jump the fence while I was standing there and unable to catch them fast enough! It happens, and that is not an excuse for someone to torture this poor dog. How many times have we seen abusers actually come in someone’s yard and to their dirty deed! The owner is doing all they can to help the dog and offering a reward to find the pervert that did this, I’m not going to fault them in this!

    • Mk22 says:

      Are you fucking serious?? How can you possibly, unless you have the IQ of a door knob, justify what happened to that innocent dog?? Someone needs to cut something of yours off.

  2. GizmosMommy Ellen says:

    This is reprehensible and SICK SICK SICK. Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies what was done to this dog. By claiming that the owners may have had a lapse in judgment and inadvertently gave the perpetrators an “opportunity” to do this is disgusting. NOTHING can justify what the abusers did. I’m sorry I can’t I can’t even talk to a anyone that would say that. We as a nation have got to stop blaming victims. Enough is enough.

  3. debra watts says:

    I agree with what you are saying, but thousands of owners leave their dogs in their fenced in yards while at work, etc and you can’t be with them 24/7/365. It’s just not possible.

  4. Tina Scott says:

    I hope thesr evil people are caught. If you need to increase the reward, let me know and I will send funds

  5. cindy ruth says:

    This had to be more than one person. Someone had to hold the dog down. I’m so so sorry for this poor dog. I hope he has a more peaceful life and he’s indoors. My dog is never outside alone, ever.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Somebody took advantage of poor Major Pane who had managed to escape. (Anyone who has ever owned a Lab knows they can be wily when it comes to escaping). Someone knows who did this to this poor dog! I hope they find them and do the same to them!

  7. Debbie Koski says:

    Children run off on parents in the store or sneak out of the house. They know better. This is an innocent animal doing what comes naturally and someone did this to him. I don’t think they should be allowed to live among us. Mentally ill for sure. These types of crimes usually accelerate. Sometimes to killing humans.

  8. Bobbah Rob says:

    Is it definite that some one did this? It sounds to me like the dog jumped the fence and caught his penis on it, which is how the bruising to his belly occurred, as his stomach caught on the fence.


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