American trophy hunter ‘cries’ after shooting elephant for his ivory tusk

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A professional hunter and his wealthy American client spent days in northern Namibia (neighboring  ‎Zambia and Zimbabwe) tracking down game prey including buffalo, zebra and leopard. The client’s biggest priority was to kill an elephant, reports Sky News.

Reporters from the publication accompanied professional hunter, Jofie Lamprecht into the regions of Zambezi to find an elephant, and for four days the group tracked elephants in search of one whose life was doomed because he was old and “near the end of his life” as explained by Lamprecht. And then one old elephant was singled out; a huge bull elephant, but with the drawback of only having one tusk – the other one had broken off.

For a little while, the men sat and watched the herd of 30 elephants peacefully grazing, when the spoiled American fired the first shot and it hit the elephant in the shoulder – only wounding him. And with that, the torturous slaughter began. Lamprecht shot, and this time the bullet struck the animal’s leg. Rearing up in total shock and fright, the animal bellowed out his pain and ran off from the herd; the hunters running behind him in quick pursuit of an innocent animal hunted for his tusk.

When finally the hunters caught up with the elephant some four hours later, it took another seven shots to end the animal’s misery as the last shot was carried out by the tourist hunter – possibly so he could put a notch in his belt for killing a gravely injured animal who could no longer defend himself or fight.

“Shoot him between the ears,” Lamprecht orders. “We do it because we love them.”

And then both Lamprecht and the hunter cry as an African elephant is lost forever as their numbers drastically dwindle in the world. In the last seven years, the population has declined by 30%. A group of 29 countries, under the name of the African Elephant Coalition is meeting to organize a permanent ban on the international ivory trade driving this egregious “sport.” In Namibia, however, authorities  contend their elephant population is increasing, but they are focused on trophy hunting to bring in huge amounts of money from tourists around the world – identifying themselves as game hunters.

So the meat of the dead bull elephant was soon cut away and distributed to neighboring villages, but the head and the tusk were carted away and secretly guarded until it is cleaned up and shipped back to America for big bucks and a spot on some hunter’s wall.

Your thoughts on this one? (Photo screenshot via Sky News)

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8 replies
  1. rieann says:

    did it because you love them?? well maybe you will be shoot because someone loves you……. asswipe hope you die by the same way you murder animals, and FOR THEIR IVORY ISNT LOVE CUNT things happen all the time in hunting hope when you get shot you live with the pain for hours before you go

  2. hockey 101 says:

    I told him he was a gutless piece of shit on his facebook along with many others . He deletes comments and blocks you . I told him I hope an Elephant steps on his head .

  3. susispot says:

    We aren’t buying this bull crap. This animal suffered for 4 HOURS AND DIED IN AGONY. There is no love lost here. These are selfish, ego petting, narcissists. They kill because they can. If he wants his kids to see elephants in the WILD (???) he had better quite killing them off. Can he even hear how stupid he sounds with his blithering excuses? I honestly hate trophy hunters. Forgive me Lord?

  4. Diane Beatley Danielson says:

    you are a sorry excuse for a human being I hope you suffer worse than that poor elephant hell with all the shootings here in the states if some one shoots your sorry ass I say karma caught up to you

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Crocodile tears. Or, tears of joy in the kill. Monsters. The elephant was old, but they can live quite long and who knows how many more years this precious animal could have lived? All for ivory, which is being banned more and more around the world. I hope it gets confiscated and this so-called hunter goes home empty-handed.


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