Alachua K-9 dies after forgotten in patrol car

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In Alachua County, Florida, a six-and-a-half-year-old K-9 officer for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Swat team died on Friday after he was left for hours in a patrol car, reports Action News.

Robbie the K9

Deputy Tommy Wilcox, the primary K-9 trainer for the sheriff’s office for the past 13 years, was placed on administrative leave Monday after his dog, Robbie was found unresponsive in the back seat of his patrol car.  Earlier in the day, Wilcox assisted the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office capture a barricaded suspect who had been wanted in connection with a homicide investigation in Leesburg. It is not known if Robbie had been deployed to participate in the arrest of the suspect.

According to Wilcox, he returned home and joined his family, however did not remember leading Robbie out of the vehicle into their home. It is not known how  long Robbie had been left in the hot vehicle. An investigation is currently underway. The two had been partners for the last six years.

The entire sheriff’s department and Wilcox are heartbroken. Robbie was one of eight  other K-9s at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Rest in peace Robbie.

(Photo: Alachua County Sheriff’s Office)



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Nothing makes my blood boil more than a police officer being so careless with his partner K9! There is never an excuse for leaving these precious dogs to die in a hot patrol car. I’m sure he and his family are heartbroken, I hope he is never able to sleep at night after what he has done. He needs to be charged for this!

  2. Vicky Humbarger says:

    How can you forget your partner and not see he was not in the home.No excuse that was animal cruelty he should be punished.Poor dog suffered because he was stupid and now this dog is dead.

  3. mongibello says:

    Heartbroken???? Are you kidding? Just how heartbroken can you be when forgetting your dog in the car leaving him to cook alive.
    If cops aren’t shooting the public’s animals to death then they are roasting their own dogs in their cars. Just what is it with the cops in this days and age.
    Perhaps it is time to end having K9’s working with the police, then perhaps they won’t forget their human partner in their cars. (And if they do, who cares?).

  4. Vickie Hitch says:

    WOW that is so sad. That dog was part of the police force and family. You don’t leave your baby or someone that can’t get out of a car in the car.
    The dog probably wondered why he was left there to over heat. Poor thing.

  5. Teresa Torres says:

    Absolutely no Excuse Whatsoever!!!!! Soo much Anumal cruelty going on all over the now moreso than eber before! I don’t understand why the laws just allow a slap on the hand reprimand!!!! U don’t care who you are, if yoy hurt, starve, abuse any animal severe punishment needs to be implemented for those who ciuld do such horrific things to Animal’s! Ten years for abuse 25 to kife for murder! Also out these dam scumbags on an “Abuse of Animal’s lis” like we do for rapists ! So other’s can be warned of the Evil people!

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Another cop leaving his dog to die in the patrol car while he went home and had dinner! He should be charged and jailed, maybe the others will think twice before the go for doughnuts.

  7. brigitte st jean says:

    How can a cop forget his best companion in a car. That cop should be fired and in jail. Well cops it does not look good for you guys either you shoot them or roast them. Maybe they should stop using the K9 dogs.

  8. Mari says:

    How is it even possible to leave your dog in the car? Doesn’t he hear him? I can’t even open the door of my car without my dogs, barking up a storm, as if to say, “don’t even think about leaving me in this damn car.”

  9. Connie Wilson says:

    WTF…this does have to stop… There is no excuse what so ever. It is a deliberate and intentional act of lazy negligence. If it is not a child it is a animal. NEWSFLASH! THEY. CAN. NOT. YELL. FOR. HELP! And it is obvious whatever bottom dwelling cowardly scum sucking POS put them in there they dang well know they are still in there… much time does it take to take them out as it does putting them in!!!!!! This is murder. And it should be prosecuted as such. Killing a officer of the Law, especially. And the individual fired if this is a cop or deputy. Last time I heard, they were hiring for toilet cleaners on the Interstates and Highways. May the POS will slip and get caught in the toilet.

  10. Cheryl Parker says:

    I want to sign this petition against the officer that let this happen. God bless the poor puppy’s!!!!!! This officer doesn’t deserve to be an officer & needs jail time like others for letting dogs in his care die!

  11. elizabeth says:

    Disgusting this needs to stop. What is wrong with people leaving dogs in cars and babies. This officer should be fired he doesn’t deserve to wear a badge. He is suppose to protect. This is animal cruelty at its worse poor dog couldn’t help himself.


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