Ailing senior dog desperately in need of help

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An ailing senior dog, held at the County of Orange – OC Animal Care facility in California, is desperately in need of help. The dog, a Chow Chow believed to be 12 years of age, obviously is in need of veterinary care – he arrived to the facility on September 19 and medical notes indicate that he is in pain and unable to stand.

The full extent of this senior dog’s ailments is unknown – judging by the appearance of his body, he has lived, for quite some time, in a neglectful situation. A rescue agency has offered to take this senior dog under its wing, but a foster home is needed.

On Thursday, the rescue agency, Lionel’s Legacy, wrote of its need for a committed foster home:

Holy heck, if this doesn’t rip at your heart then I don’t know what does. I don’t care about “how this happened” but I do care about “how we can fix this.  please share this sweet old man, he needs a foster and a rescue. Many people have contacted us to help him but our hands are tied unless we have a COMMITTED FOSTER to help us help him! When we say committed we mean through thick and thin & for life if needed because a committed family is something this poor soul clearly hasn’t had! It says he’s 8 but I think that’s a very generous number since they’ve said he has limited mobility and needs to see a vet ASAP.

If a foster home is found, the rescue agency is committed to offering the food, supplies and veterinary care needed to help this dog recuperate.

Find Lionel’s Legacy on Facebook here. Email:

Dog’s identity at facility: Pet ID: A1482652

Shelter information: OC Animal Care, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA. 92868 Telephone: 714.935.6848


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  1. Susan Brummett says:

    Foster needed for this poor guy. Could be a short or long term furever foster. I know it will be hard, especially if his time here is short, but please, don’t let his die in this shelter. Whether on his own or with the shelters help. Let him be surrounded by people that care. Lionel Legacy will help him, but they need a foster home.. Please, someone, please foster him.


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