Ailing German shepherds dumped on country road waited for their owners to return

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In Anderson, South Carolina, a truly heartless owner abandoned two purebred German shepherds on the side of a country road. As is so true for the breed, the two bonded and loyal dogs waited in the same spot for days – expecting their family to return. Anderson county HS

A good Samaritan in the neighborhood found them and cared for dogs for two weeks hoping their owner would return. Tragically, even with a social media campaign which included thousands of shares to find the dogs rightful owner, no one ever responded. Even more tragic is the female recently gave birth to puppies. Was she now expendable?  And even though the Anderson County Humane Society is beyond full, on Sunday the organization made room for these two extremely bonded dogs. Anderson county HS2

Dubbed Odysseus and Penelope, their physical condition is alarming. A Facebook post to update followers includes the dogs’ initial assessment:

“…both are almost bald, pus oozing from their ears, flies have eaten chunks from their ears, Penelope still has milk. Odysseus has a tumor on his chest, and both still had the chain links hooked to their collars. These guys have a long road to recovery. Tomorrow they will be HW (heart worm) tested and thoroughly checked out.” Anderson County HS3

Both dogs will require extensive care. and the foster based shelter counts on donations to help these serious cases involving veterinarian procedures and lengthy rehabilitation. Please share Odysseus and Penelope’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts to help them receive the care they need. Donations can be made by clicking here. Please indicate the funds are for the shepherds. Anderson County HS4

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(Photos supplied by Anderson County Humane Society)

10 replies
  1. (SunWolf)Beth C. says:

    What kind of humans with such cowardice and disrespect can do this to innocent beings?. And to read they recently had puppy’s mom still has milk.
    I just do not tolerate this kind of human behavior!!
    Bless the the people that took them in ??

  2. lynn falke says:

    If these dogs are available for adoption we would love to adopt both of them we live in country have fenced yard larg yard to play in have three small rescue dogs had abused German Shepard we took she was eleven had serious back leg& spin problem pain got so bad couldn’t let her hurt so had to put her down miss her lots been wanting another would love these two so they can live a good happy life with lots of love please let me know if not me Please get a great home that will keep them together

  3. Ed says:

    You f****** scumbag piece of s*** you f****** left her pregnant to get infested with fleas and bugs and flies and pus come out of your body you low-life piece of s*** you heard, you piece of s*** you know that stupid f****** redneck piece of s*** karma is an ugly word and an ugly thing get ready for it

  4. virginia green says:

    if you find the owners .make them pay bigtime for all cares for the dogs and puppies also.let the owners do jail time forleaving they 4 legged kids wearing fur out like they did.

  5. maxiemom says:

    Someone needs to find the filth who abused these helpless dogs and ‘do unto them’: the filthy bags of excrement should enjoy months of life spent living in a backyard on a chain with lousy food, dirty water, insufficient shelter, and no creature comforts, heat,cold, rain, snow, sleet, and bugs. THAT’S the punishment the kind of scum who allow their dogs to suffer like this really deserve, not life in a prison.

  6. Casey says:

    I have 2 g.s.ds I can’t imagine doing something like that I love my too with all my heart people who did that should be jailed

  7. LINDA L VICKERY says:

    That is digusting, They have to be on drugs…Breaks my heart. I hope they find the dirt bags that did this!!

  8. Judy says:

    I am infinitely glad their scumbag owner didnt come back for them good grief look at the state these poor babies are in – karma will find its way to the owner/s – I just dont understand why and how you could do something to an animal when all it wants is your love – I could happily pull the trigger

  9. Penny's Dachshund says:

    The authorities should BE LOOKED at the AREA ads selling GS Puppies!!! and check out the home… Would bet they find more and more neglected and abused dogs on the property!!!! Also check the area Pet Stores that Buy pups from Puppy mills in that area!!!!

  10. Jana says:

    Having a 3 yr old German Shepherd and actually looking for a 2nd one as we speak….hands down to me German Shepherds are the best breed! These dogs are super smart,loyal,and great with kids and other dogs!! I will eventually have 4 and my 3 yr old lives in my house and has 5 acres to run on! Seeing these beautiful dogs treated like this I can only imagine how their poor spirits have to be very broken.These dogs are people pleasers to say the least!! I don’t see how people can get a dog and treat it so inhumanely?? Cause their are people like me who would love to have these dogs and having a hard time finding another one then to see this story truly rips my heart out!I hope they find who ever did this and the judge will not go light on them.They should NEVER BE ALOUD TO OWN ANYTHING much less a dog again!


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