Ailing cow, she will not be suffering anymore

Cow will be humanely euthanized
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Thanks to a deluge of phone calls to the Harnett County Animal Control in North Carolina, a cow who has been suffering for an unknown period of time will be humanely euthanized today. The suffering cow was discovered this week by a good Samaritan in Lillington, North Carolina.

The woman stopped to take photos, noting that one of the cow’s eyes was missing and half of her face was rotting – the cow was also visibly underweight. Initially, a call to the local animal control resulted in…nothing. Steve, the man that the woman spoke with at the animal control agency, advised her that the cow’s eye was being treated, and he indicated that the cow would be left basically, “as is,” until her calf was weaned.

After an article was written about the concerning situation, things changed. The woman was told by the animal control program manager that phones had been ringing off the hook at the animal control agency. The outpouring of concern prompted him to contact a veterinarian, who will be visiting the ranch today to put the cow down, and end her suffering.

Steve told the woman that, “in the end it was a learning experience to question more.”

Though the outcome is not a warm, fairy-tale ending, it does mean that this cow will not continue to suffer in misery for any longer.

Prior article about the cow here.



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  1. It’s a sad state of affairs when it takes a deluge of phone calls for the owner to do the right thing. BUT the cow will be put out of her misery now. RIP cow….I’m sorry you suffered as long as you did.

  2. The cow has been destroyed. Here is the email response I got…

    Thank you for your concern about the cow missing one eye that you read about in Pet Reports. Animal Services only became aware of the cow yesterday and we always take any animal neglect seriously. Animal Services started investigating into the allegations of the cow this morning. After speaking with the treating vet of the cow’s injury and the vet stating that he was treating the cow and she was not in any pain at the moment. We always take any animal neglect incident seriously and thus we began investigating the allegations this morning. Investigators spoke with the treating veterinarian who explained the animal was in no pain. We respected the veterinarian’s treatment plans, decision and recommendation. However, because of increasing public outcry the owner of the cow euthanized the animal as was his right as property owner.

    Thank you again for your concerns in this matter.

    Steve Berube
    Program Manager
    Harnett County Animal Services
    Phone 910-814-2952
    Fax 910-814-0438

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Susan Brummett [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 2:03 PM
    To: Steve Berube
    Subject: Your job

    I am writing you to please do the job you were hired for and save this cow, in the attached article, from the pain and suffering she’s obviously going through. Her eye needs to be removed now, not after she’s done nursing her calf, when she’s more likely to be destroyed instead of being treated for her injury.

    Please help this cow. The world is watching. Thank you.

    Diana Roby
    [email protected]


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