Adorable 3-legged puppy conquers big step

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An adorable golden retriever puppy named “Ollie,” is making social media swoon. The pup, who was born with just three legs, lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with Alex and Leanne Widmer, who keep his thousands of fans happy with loads of photos and videos showing Ollie’s adventures.

One week ago, a short video was posted to Instagram showing little Ollie tackling a daunting step from the porch into the house…the inspiring video has since hit “viral” status, with over 140k views. The video’s caption explains:

Our back door has been another big challenge for me. It has a rather larger step than most..and I finally conquered my fear and made it up by myself!

The inspirational step video is one of many photos and videos that are almost too cute to handle. If you are in need of a daily dose of smile, from a puppy who proves that you can do anything that you set your mind to, be sure to follow Ollie the puppy on Instagram, or Facebook – you won’t be sorry!

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Photos via Ollievuesomuch (Instagram)

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  1. Mongoose218 says:

    Had to add on…….notice the “anxiety” yawn while he tried to figure out HOW to get over the high step?
    And, its great that the owners used “tough love” and didn’t just lift him up! Hard to do though!

    LOVED his running start! Wow! SUCCESS!!!


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