Adopted as cute puppy and returned years later as an old shepherd

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Nine years ago, Lobo was an adorable. fluffy puppy adopted into the eagerly awaiting arms of his new family from the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California. And this is Lobo’s latest photo – a senior dog dumped by his family on Saturday, now awaiting an unknown fate in an overcrowded shelter where older dogs have little chance of finding new homes. Lobo the German shepherd One can only imagine how Lobo must be feeling – this is the only family he has ever known, and there he sits at the entrance to his kennel cage waiting for them to return.

“The reason Lobo’s owners gave for surrendering and traumatizing their senior dog…he is sick. I asked what the sickness is, and I was told he has a history of seizures,” described a shelter volunteer. “A seizure disorder in dogs doesn’t always require medication…and if seizure meds are necessary, they are generally inexpensive. Let’s pull out all the stops to find this betrayed senior a home!”

Click here to see Lobo’s PetHarbor listing. Lobo ID#A3611551.
“My name is Lobo and I am described as a neutered male, tan German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter thinks I am about 9 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jul 16, 2016. For more information about this dog, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Lancaster at (661) 940-4191.

Lobo is also listed for adoption on the Los Angeles portal by clicking here.

A Facebook page for Lobo can be found here. His previous family stated he is good with children and gets along with other dogs. Volunteers are currently helping Lobo with his leash training. Please share this senior’s story with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Just one special person can give Lobo the love and care he deserves for the rest of his life. All lives are important.

To contact the Lancaster Shelter: Phone: 661-940-4191 (24-hour call center) or 661-974-8358 (direct line), Address: 5210 W. Ave. I, Lancaster, CA 93536

(Photo courtesy of PetsConnectUs)


7 replies
  1. AVIS HOLT says:

    Unbelievably, this is becoming a very common story here on Facebook. What kind of human would give up a family pet just because it’s old and maybe sick? To just drop off what I consider your family member, not knowing (or caring) what’s in store for them is unfathomable to me. Selfish and heartless is what I think of that. What’s worse, those humans usually get another “cute and cuddly” puppy with the same fate awaiting it when it becomes old and sick. So very SAD!!

    • Teresa Rhodes says:

      Yes it is the saddest thing for this beautiful old dog. His family is not a good family at all to give their precious family member away. I cannot fathom anyone doing this either.

  2. diane lake says:

    more and more this is how it is. A dog who is loyal and loving to his family gets dumped because he is no longer a cute puppy but, getting old. And no one wants to adopt a senior dog. It no longer is a dog with the family forever but, is a disposable item rather then a friend, family member or living being with feelings. I grow more and more disgusted by the way our senior dogs are treated by so called good, loving families.

  3. Linda Szymoniak says:

    No matter how old my furbabies get, they have a loving home with me until they take their final breath. They need to put a DNR on these people.


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