Actress Anna Faris pays $5k fine for abandoning pup

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Actress Anna Faris paid a $5,000 fine after her dog was found homeless. The emaciated Chihuahua named Pete was found wandering in North Hollywood, California last month. Faris, 39, had adopted the sweet little guy from Kinder4Rescue four years previous.anna-faris

According to the Daily Mail,  Laura Kinder, founder of the rescue organization addressed Faris’ irresponsibility on her rescue’s Facebook page on November 14 – shortly after the Pete was discovered:

“Calling Anna Faris house bunny. The puppy you adopted from us several years ago was found starving on the street someone brought it into a vet scanned the microchip, we’ve been calling you for days no return call did you read your contract about giving our dogs away and the $5,000 fine. If you were panicking looking for your lost dog you certainly would’ve contacted us or the microchip company. I’m not quite sure what you’re guilty of that this dog ended up in this condition, you signed a four page contract how does this dog end up on the street Anna, being a celebrity does not excuse you from following the rules or respecting the rescue…..”

The post concluded with why the adoption rules are strict.

“This is why people are not allowed to give Kinder4Rescue dogs away they have adopted from us because they become disposable, get passed around and end up on the street like this.”

A representative for Anna stated she was glad Pete had been found and had been looking forward to the dog being returned home. It is not known if Pete will be returned to Faris. The post chiding the actress has since been deleted. Faris later acknowledged she had given the dog away and never contacted the rescue.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time the family has been involved in social media outrage concerning pets. Faris’ husband, Chris Pratt, in 2012, posted a tweet about one of his aging cats asking followers if they would take the cat. Allegedly he found the cat a good home.

And as a reminder, make sure you are ready to commit when adopting or rescuing a pet. They are not disposable. If you give your word to love, care and respect them, you are obligated to that promise. To help Kinder4Rescue help more pets, donations can be made here.

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(Photos of Anna Faris via Kinder4Rescue)

16 replies
  1. Connie says:

    How totally irresponsible and cruel. Your rescue would have taken the dog back and it never would have had to go thru starving and the stress of being homeless. $5,000 is a small price to pay based on the suffering of a dog that she committed to. She should be on a do not adopt list, second family offense, the cat and the poor dog.

  2. Ronald K Murta says:

    Problem in the world is arrogant pomp people like her. She would have the US looking like a stray dog 3rd world shithole. Good people do good things and Bad people make bad things happen.

  3. B says:

    This makes me REALLY REALLY sad and very disappointed if this story is true. @Anna Faris is one of my favorite comedic actresses. Do we know if Anna responded at all? Her directly and not her “people”.

    • linda says:

      It is without notifying the organization she got the dog from. She signed a contract and broke it when she gave the dog to a “friend”.


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