Dogs crammed into truck bound for slaughter house

Activists hit by truck packed with dogs bound for slaughterhouse

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A truck, packed with dogs who were bound for a slaughterhouse in China, rammed a car holding animal rights activists on a highway in Tianjin, Bazhou. A video was taken of the heartbreaking situation on board the transport truck – the dogs, many who appear to be purebred, are crammed on top of one another inside of the vehicle.

The video shows activists trying to comfort the distressed dogs, who can be heard crying and whimpering behind the bars of the transport vehicle. According to the Daily Mail, many, if not all, of the dogs are believed to be pets who were stolen and sold to meat traders.

The dogs inside of the truck can be seen trying to lick the hands of those who are inspecting the horrific conditions on the vehicle – some try to nuzzle the people who are on the outside of the bars.

Several advocates were injured when they were hit by the transport vehicle – one 26-year-old man is said to be in serious condition. Activist Rita Wong recounted what happened on Facebook:

While ARA were tailing it, a traffic police was trying to stop the truck. Instead of stopping, it tried to speed away. ARA tried to block its way, the truck driver accelerated speed and rammed into ARA’s car.

Wong updated those concerned about the situation as to what happened after the truck stopped:

Xi-an activists have reached the scene. Again the authorities agreed to unload the dogs but the traders are still holding the keys. However, ARA managed to feed some dogs. Now, there are some police at the site.

The dogs from the truck were moved to a compound – their ultimate fate remains unknown. According to sources, 10 million dogs are slaughtered for meat each year in China.

Rescue 1119 Update 7.00pm: According to "Blue Sky", dogs will soon be unloaded. See clip under comment. By unloading means dogs get to stretch and be fed. By the way, the lady you see in the video is Blue Sky.We need the foreign press involvement. Everyone, please drop a line to 1119 Update Post No. 4 (9.45am)ARAs are allowed inside the compound. Please contact foreign press to expose this as they can't hold on much longer, by Monday morning, most ARA have to get back to work.I smell a rat! Why wasn't quarantine called to the site? Are they buying time so the truck could be released to the traders when ARA gets back to work on Monday? H.Res 752

Posted by Rita Wong on Saturday, November 19, 2016


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  1. donna says:

    Sick dirty people stop this to them poor aminals please get it stop everywere not right its wrong and dam right evil poor poor aminals stoo it know so so sad made me cry

  2. Darla says:

    The poor dogs in the video – it made me sick to my stomach. They’re scared and crammed in the truck yet they want to lick the hand of the people outside the cages. I’m sure many of them were kidnapped from their homes. There are 10 MILLION dogs slaughtered each year in China?? OMG, that has to stop.


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