Abandoned puppy recovering after hundreds of bee stings

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In Allegan, Michigan, an abandoned puppy hasn’t had the best start in life when abandoned at an emergency clinic after having been attacked by a swarm of bees and suffering a severe reaction, reports Fox News.stinger-3

Appropriately dubbed Stinger, Carri Shipaila, president of Luvnpupz,  stated the young pit bull mix also suffers from sarcoptic mange, however the ten-month-old deaf puppy has an amazing will to survive. On the organization’s Facebook page, the photos of the brown and white dog’s hundreds of bright red welts brought gasps to animal lovers across the nation. stinger

Meanwhile, Stinger is making significant improvements at the Allegan Vet and is patiently awaiting arrangements for a foster home. The adorable little pooch is doing great and already has a line at the door of potential adopters. He most likely will still need months to recover, however all of those volunteers at the rescue invite potential pet parents to check out some of the 40+ dogs who are available for adoption immediately.

To donate to Stinger’s care, please click here.



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