Abandoned pup kept chasing after his ‘dumper’

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A puppy who was abandoned at the site of the former City of Plattsburgh Compost plant property, in New York, kept chasing after the person who dumped him. On Wednesday, the Plattsburgh City Police reached out to the public for help with identification of the individual who abandoned the puppy on August 24.

The police department wrote, “The Plattsburgh Police Department is looking for assistance from the community in identifying the person/s involved in the abandonment of a small puppy at approx. 12:00 noon on August 24th, 2016.” According to the authorities, whoever dumped the pup was driving a maroon or reddish color mini-van down Reeves Lane.14045811_1105677426166469_1749649459237708812_n

The police department recounted the heartbreaking scene which played out as the puppy was abandoned:

The individual walked the dog away from the van and then ran back to the van as the puppy chased them. They had to do it two times in order to get away from the dog. The van then sped off turning west from Reeves Lane onto Rugar Street leaving the dog behind and abandoned.

Anyone who recognizes this male puppy, who is believed to be approximately six months of age, is asked to call the Plattsburgh Police Department at 518-563-3411.

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  1. maxiemom says:

    Takes a real piece of filth to abandon a dog on the streets to possibly starve to death, get run over, or fall into the wrong hands instead of taking him to a shelter where he might be able to find a home. I hope this filth’s kids do the same thing to him.

  2. Annabel Edwards says:

    Why abandoned the puppy when there are shelters around thank goodness the puppy wasent run over. I just hope he is found a real loving home he deserves it.

  3. virginia green says:

    find the person and jail the person with the people that do not like people who hurt,mistreat or kill or leave animals with no help.

  4. Lnett says:

    Get that low life, this should be a crime and punished as such. Prison and fines, hope ur cell roomate is a big man and turns u into his bitch

  5. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    I just saw this on the police “blotter”…you should all go to their fb page and see the good job this police dptmt does. They pick up dogs and cats and get them back to their families. They aren’t AFRAID of dogs, they help them.
    The Plattsburgh Police Department has made an arrest in the puppy abandonment case we reported on yesterday. Andrew Kimbler 36, of Plattsburgh turned himself in at 2:15pm today, 8-25-16. Mr. Kimbler was charged with abandoning the dog, cruelty to animals and aggravated unlicensed operation in the third degree. Mr. Kimbler was released on tickets pending further action in Plattsburgh Town Court. The puppy is being cared for at an undisclosed location and is doing well. The Plattsburgh Police Dept. would like to thank our community for your overwhelming response to assist us in this matter.

    • Karen Friedman says:

      Thank You Susan for posting this. I wish other police depts. would take a lesson from the Plattsburgh Police Dept., they are doing a great job all the way around. Super cute puppy too.

  6. Mongoose218 says:

    the reason, most likely, that the person didn’t drop him off at a shelter, is that some shelters charge “surrender fees”……yes, I know, its not an amount that will “break” most people, especially when compared to the risk of the puppy being run over, shot, poisoned, attacked by predators, etc….but that is how some people think……….


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