Abandoned dog, nearly frozen, discovered in snow bank

Abandoned dog found in snow bank
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An abandoned dog, nearly frozen to death, was discovered in a snow bank in Cheektowaga, New York, on Tuesday. According to WGRZ News, the Chihuahua was found by two women who saved her from certain death.

The good Samaritans wrapped the freezing dog into blankets and warmed her in the car before calling the authorities for help. Scott Thrun, with the Cheektowaga Animal Control, answered the call for help and, based on the dog’s condition, rushed her to a veterinarian for emergency assistance. Thrun commended the women for saving the dog’s life:

If those two nice women that found this dog didn’t find this dog when they did, I would have been picking her up the next morning, but she would have been dead.

The abandoned dog, has been turned over to the care of the rescue group, Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue; on December 21, the group updated Facebook followers about the little survivor:

Our western New York coordinator was notified at midnight by a local animal control officer kind enough to go pick up this dog who was frozen to the ground and bring to the emergency vet hospital.

So far, nobody has come forward to claim the dog, who appears to have been abandoned and left for dead. Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Control at 716-686-3525.

Donations for this dog’s care are being collected at this link to a fundraiser established by the rescue group.

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  1. Poor baby……. she’s in my prayers.
    SMH…… I can’t understand how she ended up where she was found.

    If she was indeed abandoned, the pos who did it had to know that there was a very high probability she would die (it’s common knowledge that chihuahuas have thin coats which will not protect them in cold weather)……..

    I hope she finds a wonderful furever home.

    If she were in CA, she would be welcome in our home……

  2. Bless these women for the kind-hearted and swift action, without it the world would have one less beautiful dog! Hope that this sweet little one can find a loving home real soon.


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