Abandoned dog left in Walmart dumpster: Rescuer pens ‘open letter’ to owner

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On Saturday, when temperatures climbed to nearly 100 degrees in Helena, Alabama, an unknown heartless owner abandoned a small Chihuahua in a Walmart dumpster. Walmart dumpster dogWhen the rescue organization, Two by Two Animal Rescue was notified and asked to help, their immediate response was of course to say “yes.” The good Samaritans who found the dog said it was just luck they had decided to go home that route when the pup was discovered.

The tiny dog shivered with fright as she sat by the front door of her foster home; barely nibbling on her food. Two days later, however, the dog dubbed Dusty Rose (Rosie) came out of her shell; perhaps feeling comfortable and safe for the first time she could long remember. And now Rosie’s foster mom, Laura Bloom sends the dog’s former owner an “open letter” expressing her thanks.

An Open Letter to the Person Who Chose to Leave the Chihuahua Mix in a Crate by the Walmart Dumpster on a Hot Summer Day

Walmart dumpster dog 2“Hello there! I just wanted you to know that I fell in love with your dog the moment I got the text that the rescue that I volunteer for sent me Saturday night. They asked me if I would take her and without a whole lot of thinking, I answered ‘yes’. She was brought to me the next day, full of fear and uncertainty, wondering why she had to come to this crazy house that already has 3 dogs and 2 cats (4 of which are rescues and the 5th might as well be). She sat by the front door almost all night.”

And then Laura describes how Rosie began to change:

“However, things turned around today. She went outside to go to the bathroom, wagged her tail when she saw me turn the corner, responded to the rest of my family, attempted to play with our smallest Chihuahua Coral, ate out of her new bowls, and even had a bath! ”

Walmart dumpster dog 3

Rosie is a well behaved, loving happy pup who knows  several commands.

“I talk to her and have asked her many times to tell me her story and where she came from. I am not sure what the future holds for this sweet girl but for now, she is safe and loved. I am also not sure of your situation or why you felt the need to find her a new home. Deep down, I feel she was loved at one time. I want to thank you for blessing my life with your sweet dog and let you know that when (and if) she leaves, I will cry as if I had had her forever. I do not believe in happenstance and know that Rosie has been placed in my life for a reason.”

And Laura signs the letter with the word “Godspeed.”

Walmart dumpster dog 4

To help more dogs like Rosie, donations can be made by clicking here. Interested in fostering, adopting or volunteering? Please click here.

(Photos by Two by Two Animal Rescue)

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  1. My letter to chihuahua previous owner would NOT have been si sweet!What kind of monster leaves their innocent HELPLESS chihuahua in a crate by a dumpster in extreme heat?!Thats not a human being thats a evil selfish MONSTER!Which deserves to be arrested and banned from ever owning a pet again!Thank God for the rescues!The chihuahua surely i s sad n been thru trauma!To the foster.You should not break this poor little chihuahuas heart again!You should let the poor chi live with you safe n happy.Do Not put this little one thru more grief!

    • That’s what I say! That person didn’t try to get Rosie s new home – they left her for dead. They should be thrown in the garbage because that’s what they are!


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