Abandoned dog left tied at terminal by her pink leash with a garbage bag as her bed

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As busy commuters walked by, no one seemed to notice an abandoned dog left tied to a railing at the Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal train station.Betsey Just a face among the thousands of dogs frequently tossed away like yesterday’s trash, a heartless owner dumped the two-year-old mother dog; her prong collar, her pink leash and a garbage bag as her bed had to have been the final reminders of once having slept with her puppies in a familiar place.Betsey 3 Mr. Bones

When  passerby Sarah Borok  noticed no one had returned for the dog after an hour, she called police who then contacted Animal Care & Control. The dog was taken to Brooklyn’s facility of New York City’s Animal Care Center where she was dubbed Betsey, and although she was frightened and shy, she remained  friendly with everyone, happily wagged her tail  and interacted well with the other dogs.

Sarah shared Betsey’s story on her Facebook page, hoping for a rescue organization to step in as she visited the dog at the shelter the following day. Betsey was more than happy to see her. When Sarah reached out to Mr. Bones & Co. for help, despite an incoming family of ten dogs and the sudden return of two others to their program, the rescue felt compelled to step in; not only for Betsey, but because of Sarah’s compassion and her decision to not be like the hundreds of strangers who just walked by a dog no one cared to help or “notice.”Betsey 4

Betsey is now in temporary foster care which rescuers think may actually have been her first experience in a real home. Her foster mom,  Heather Wopat reveals more about Betsey’s past:

“Her tired body tells the story of years living in neglect, bred multiple times, likely confined to a crate and possibly even a life outside exposed to all the elements. Betsey has pressure sores on most of her joints, overgrown nails embedded with dirt and dark stains throughout her poorly cared for coat. She has a growth inside of her right eye that we will address ASAP this week, along with all of her other medical needs, and a spay.”Betsey 5

Sadly, Betsey is only one of many dogs  repeatedly over bred by backyard breeders hoping to make a few dollars selling puppies on Craigslist. Walk through the Animal Care Centers in New York City and see all of the dogs – equally as friendly and just as beautiful as Betsey. Tragically, their days are numbered; their families no longer wanted them  because of “personal problems” or they “moved,” and everyday the stories of these wonderful dogs are told on social media – hoping against hope, gentle hearts will step up to provide these sentient companions with a home. The alternatives are heartbreaking.

Betsey is still in need of a long term foster home beginning this weekend, within one hour of New York City, and preferably in a quiet suburban environment where she can decompress. The city is understandably very overwhelming for her. Betsey needs a patient foster who can work with her on house and crate training. If interested in becoming a foster parent, please click here. To donate to Betsey’s care, please click here.

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(Photos: Sarah Borok Facebook, Mr. Bones & Co)


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  1. Theresa Ponger says:

    How sad…. people are awful. .. so glad someone stepped in to RESCUE this BEAUTIFUL BABY girl. . Thank you and may god bless you !!!!


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