Abandoned baby guarded from harm by 4 stray dogs

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In Purulia, India, a seven-day-old abandoned baby was guarded from harm by four stray dogs. According to the Times of India, although the dogs couldn’t do much to help, they circled around her and chased the crows away.

It was on Saturday morning when schoolteacher Ulhas Chowdhury had taken a shortcut through the brush on his way to school when he heard a baby crying. As he searched the bushes, four dogs appeared wagging their tails and barking as if they had something to show him. And then he spotted the tiny, crying newborn wrapped in a faded pink blanket.

The dogs followed local residents and the police to Chowdhury’s residence where the baby was initially brought. A neighbor fed the hungry baby milk. Chowdhury named the baby Sania because she was rescued on a Saturday (Shanivaar).

“Had it not been for the dogs, we would probably have lost the baby. We are all grateful to them,” Chowdhury said.

The baby is expected to make a full recovery and will be taken to a state run adoption center.

(Photos for abandoned baby via HSI International)

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