7-year-old child accused of throwing dog out of second-story window

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In a very disturbing case of animal cruelty involving a seven-year-old little girl, serious allegations of a dog thrown from a second-story window have been reported to the rescue organization Detroit Pit Crew. puppy-from-detroit-pit-crew

According to FoxNews2, the station’s reporter, Dave Spencer asked the woman  living in the home in southwest Detroit about alleged animal cruelty including a puppy reported to have had broken legs. The woman interviewed did not deny what had happened and told Spencer:

“This is a seven-year-old girl. I was not home and she didn’t know what she was doing. And she dropped the dog on accident out of the window.”

Detroit Pit Crew, however has a different version of what is alleged to have happened; stating two “puppies” had been thrown out of the second floor window, and they suffered broken bones which were never treated. Animal Control has since seized the puppies. Tragically, however there have been more pets abused, as with a kitten that had been swung around by one leg and then thrown at a dog. The woman denied the child had abused the kitten, and said the little girl carries her pet around like “it’s a baby.”

On the organization’s Facebook page, the following report was shared with the rescue’s followers:

“Sadly we received a report about some children, specifically a 7 year old girl, that has been abusing animals, both cats and dogs. She has thrown two puppies from a second story window, causing them serious injury, which went untreated; and most recently she picked up a kitten swinging it by the tail and leg then throwing it at a dog. We spoke with one of her parents today, the mother, who admits that her child has abused animals but clearly doesn’t care. Luckily we were able to rescue this sweet puppy out of the situation, however we are concerned that there may be more animals in danger at the location, so we are in contact with law enforcement as well as child protective services.”

The puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and although malnourished and lethargic, is expected to recover and will then be available for adoption.  Child Protective Services and the police are investigating the situation.

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(Photos via Detroit Pit Crew)


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  1. this is sick and the woman if you can call her a woman, trying to say the little girl didn’t know what she was doing??? you are a piece of shit lady and that 7 year old is a serial killer in the making watch she WILL DO THIS AGAIN and maybe work her way up to other children she is sick and need help now get her in a nut house because she is nuts female Jeffrey Dahmer stop her now

    • ???????????? I agreements you 150%.. Stupid ducking bitch POS excuse for a mother. Her daughter is a murdering POS too! Flig both of these ass holes out swindle and watch their legs break and suffer in pain with no one to help them! I have ZERO tolerance for animal abusers! That 7 year old brat most certainly KNOWS better and knew what was doing! Give me a fucking break bitch! My daughter at 7 was rescuing sick and injured animaks! This girl is a sick and evil little demon brat that enjoys hurting animals! Rid of her now before she starts torturing more animals and other kids!

  2. Sounds like neither pets nor children have a chance in that ‘home’ with those so-called parents. I know this is the United States, but really, there should be some way of preventing people like this from ever having children or being allowed to have innocent animals in their homes.

  3. 10 year old’s beating neighbor’s dogs to death, 5 year old’s torturing neighbor’s cats, and now a 7 year old throwing and the parents don’t care? What kind of children are being raised? Why are these people allowing this to happen to innocent animals are they all monsters in that family? Take note Woman, the kid is old enough to know right from wrong and when she grows up, you will be the one thrown out the window unless this is stopped NOW!

    • Our Society has become one of LOST SOULS::: Look what the youth are viewing on TV , the internet, I phones, The Zombie Apocalypse, the war games, mass dismemberment of bodies!!!! Remember Happy Days, Friends, Roy Rogers, Mash,!!! Our young generation HAS totally lost touch with reality… Killing , Dismemberment , Torture has become second nature to them!! They watch abuse, in their own families , drugs, and it has become a way of life!!! They are amoral!

  4. This Whole Family has ISSUES!!! The mom is in Denial !!! the 7 year girl is a psychopath!!! Next it will be a playmate she stabs, or pokes and eye out of !!! Come on the law enforcement NEEDS to GET involved here before some one actually dies!!!! Good God Detroit Get your heads out of the dark crevice!!!

  5. Remove the child immediately. She is already “sick” to be exhibiting this behavior at thd age of 7. Perhaps she may still be helped if no longer living under the influence of her incompetent so-called “parents”. Teach your children well… respect all life, do no harm…

  6. Go to attorney, first, and ask who to go to about the mother endangering future animal AND child abuse by mother neglecting to train child not to abuse animals. Well known that animal abuse done as a young child will grow into severe animal AND child abuse when the person becomes adult. The mother, also, must pay the consequences by arrest & child taken & put into protection. If don’t care for animal abuse then shows don’t care about the child being attacked/abused, too.

  7. This child is headed for big trouble and needs help NOW, not tomorrow. This girl will kill a human someday, mark my word for she is showing the signs already. She needs to be taken away from this family and given therapy and someplace where she won’t harm any animal or another person. Her mother is really sick and selfish not to know what is going on here.

    Take all animals off her and take her out of society now………..

    • Let’s Hope this kid is Caucasian Because IF she is Black the authorizes will be so afraid of Black Lives Matter movement and repercussion in the form of riots in Detroit they won’t do a damn thing… to get this Psychopath and her family some sort of intervention before as many have state SHE kills a playmate. pushing them out the window or in front of a car (Just for Kicks and Giggles)!!!

  8. That 7 year old girl is a very disturbed psychopath .She enjoys hurting defenceless animals and has no empathy she needs to be locked up in a mental hospital As for her so called Mother she is as crazy as her daughter

    • Agree with you. Sterilization for both parents and their POS evil spawn……. who is a future serial killer in the making…….

      This POS kid is a lost soul who will burn in Hell forever for her cruelty……..

      Probably best to lock up the entire family (detriments to society) better off without them……

  9. Sick. I work with kids and try to teach humane treatment of animals as early on as possible. If she’s allowed to do this now and there are no consequences, just think of what she will get away with as she gets older ?
    This family needs to be on the do not adopt to list!! Parents need to take responsibility!

      • I also agree with you Edward. They should be eradicated from our planet. This vile and evil 7 year old bitch is a future Serial Killer. This evil bitches animal torturing actions are the evidence and to protect the precious and innocent animals and humans in the future this evil 7 year old and probably her sadistic and callous parents must be eradicated from our planet earth.This evil 7 year old if not eradicated from our planet and her shit parents from hell should be locked up for the rest of there vile and evil lives.
        No precious or innocent animal will be safe from this evil 7 year old and probably her evil parents if they are not eradicated from our planet earth.
        Please everyone save our precious and innocent from these vile and evil psychopathic depraved monsters on our planet.

  10. If that kid was a dog it would be put down for being aggressive regardless of its age and the parents would be spayed or euthed as well. Why do we treat humans differently, the symptoms of anti social behaviour are the same in both species. The kid can’t be helped so put it down and prevent its parents from breeding again

    • Lol! Hahaha! Totally agree with you! Rid the world of both these twisted evil psychopaths.. No second chance, no getting a pass..there’s no use for shit heads like this in the world.. Time to go! BYE!

  11. This brat is a future abuser and or serial killer in the making!!!! This kid should never be around animals the rest of his life!!! First he needs the ass beating of his life by his parents, but then they would be charged with child abuse!!!
    I would go to jail with a smile on my face if this POS was my child because I DO NOT and WILL NOT tolerate this from anyone!!!

  12. It’s easy to take that little seven-year-old b**** bring up to about the 15th story window and but a little bit farther ahead and take mommy teacher about animal cruelty we put her in with. Den of hungry pitbills. That have not been fed in a week bye bye bitch

    The mother said “This is a seven-year-old girl. I was not home and she didn’t know what she was doing. And she dropped the dog on accident out of the window.” This evil psycho animal torturing 7 year old knew exactly what this lowlife bitch from hell was doing. What about all the other precious and innocent animals this evil 7 year old psycho bitch committed against all the other precious and innocent animals. This 7 year old is evil and she must be eradicated from our planet before she torturers more defenceless and innocentt animals. This is another Serial Killer if not destroyed.


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