6-week-old kitten set on fire: Rescue group asks for community’s help

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In Hamilton, Ohio, a tiny, defenseless kitten was deliberately set on fire last week. Her fur on her rear legs, tail and back were singed off, reports Abc6News.Litten the kitten 3

Now named Litten, the kitten estimated to be six-weeks old, was very fortunate as veterinarians tell us her fur actually protected her delicate skin from being burned. The tragic event occurred on August 31 on South Second Street, when a witness spotted the kitten crying as she ran out from beneath the bushes. At the time she was not on fire, however the smell of burning fur was apparent. Litten the kitten

The rescue group Joseph’s Legacy is caring for Litten who has been in foster care and reported to be doing quite well. The friendly kitten will be eligible for adoption when she is ready. To help the rescue with Litten’s veterinary expenses, please click here. 

No one witnessed the actual abuse, and the Butler County dog warden is unable to institute an investigation until someone comes forward with information. Don’t let this kitten’s abuse go unchecked – who knows – it could be a child next. Animal cruelty has been closely linked to violent crimes towards people. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Butler County Dog Warden at 513.785.6542. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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(Photos: Joseph’s Legacy Facebook)


Check out Litten’s video:

Meet Litten!

Posted by Josephs Legacy on Thursday, September 1, 2016

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  1. edward says:

    Wow that a real man did that such a. Ferious animal. I hope they ass and prosecute you you go to prision. And once they find out there will be twoc hoices. Death or you will become everybodys bitch

  2. virginia green says:

    find who did it to the kitten.she is cute and sweet.who ever did it to the kitten,charge them like they try toburn a kid wearing fur.

  3. Tim says:

    what the fuk is wrong with people today, we need to weed out the new breed of sickos and start hanging them somewhere to rot and die slowly


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