6-month-old puppy fights for his life after dragged by a truck

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In Santa Fe, Texas, a six-month-old puppy continues to fight for his life after having been dragged by a truck down a dirt road on Sunday.  According to Houston K-911 Rescue, Galveston County Animal Control officer responded to a call on November 4 in the unincorporated area of Sana Fe about a puppy with severe injuries.santa-fe-puppy-2

Upon arrival, the officer found the six-month-old Australian cattle dog, named Arlo, suffering from deep wounds to his legs, chest and paws along with muscle and bone exposed. The puppy was transported to the VERGI Animal Hospital in Houston, and veterinarians have been working around the clock to stabilize the puppy’s condition.

A woman at the scene, where the puppy was found, told animal control officer the pup had been temporarily tied to a parked truck earlier in the day. The woman’s father later left as the puppy was dragged by a truck approximately three-quarters of a mile down a dirt road. Fortunately the puppy’s collar broke, and he fell free. The driver of the truck did not immediately return to the scene.

On Monday, the rescue organization updated Arlo’s condition on their Facebook page indicating he has a good chance of survival although his condition is still extremely critical:

“Today Arlo greeted me with a slow wag of his tail. It was a happy and hopeful surprise to see. It made me tear up to see him so vulnerable yet so accepting of his condition. He’s being a good little patient.

Arlo has had his second bandage change and his wounds are pink and granulating. This is great news. His x-rays show a possible digit fracture on one of his hind feet but really, that is the least of his worries… The next phase of his healing process will begin with a trip to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital where Arlo will be seem by a soft tissue specialist. If surgery is needed it will have to be determined rather quickly. He’ll be headed there on Wednesday.”santa-fe-puppy-dragged-3

No information has been released as to whether anyone has been charged with animal cruelty.

To donate to Arlo’s care, please click here.

(Photos of dragged by truck via Facebook)

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