41 dogs saved from Tennessee animal ‘rescue’

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In Madison, Tennessee, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) assisted in the removal and care of 41 dogs from horrible living conditions on Tuesday. Tennessee ASPCA

According to a press release by the organization, the Metro Animal Care and Control responding to numerous complaints about Happy Endings Animal Rescue, located just north of Nashville, found dogs living in filth both inside an overcrowded house and in outdoor kennels.  Authorities discovered 22 dogs in one room, with inches of feces covering the floor. Many of the dogs  suffer from medical issues including emaciation, dental disease and severe hair loss. Some have not been spayed or neutered nor did they have access to food or water. Tennessee ASPCA 2

“What we found here is horrific. The facility claimed to be a safe place for animals, but the truth is these dogs were suffering greatly, both physically and emotionally,” stated Kathryn Destreza, investigations director for the ASPCA. Tennessee ASPCA 3

Happy Endings Animal Rescue described themselves as a “no kill” shelter. The Nashville Police Department executed a warrant to remove all of the dogs; the owner, David Gosselin, was arrested on charges of animal cruelty. Since 2009, Metro Animal Care and Control have dealt with numerous complaints for “routinely failing to provide basic shelter, food, water and veterinary care to the dogs.” David Gosselin

According to WsmvNews, neighbor Jamichael Alexander, who lives across the street from the rescue, stated Gosselin had been abusive to the animals for years. Alexander stated when he walked down the street, the dogs would bark, but then he would hear Gosselin beat the dogs to make them be quiet. Tennessee ASPCA 4

“He told them to shut up, and they kept barking. He got upset and grabbed one by the neck and ran them together, went to get a paddle and kept beating them,” Alexander stated. Tennessee ASPCA 5

The dogs have been taken to an undisclosed location where they are being treated. Please make a life-saving donation to the ASPCA today.

(Photos  courtesy of  ASPCA and Metro Nashville Police Department)


4 replies
  1. Barbara Killingsworth says:

    Really since 2009 and neighbors complaining ??? It took you 7 years to get these poor animals out??? I support the ASPCA but not sure i will continue too. Should not take seven years to shut this place down. I wonder how many dogs died in those 7 years.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      VERY good question Barbara – it is deplorable in this country how animals are considered disposable objects and nothing is done to ensure their safety.

  2. Lori Esposito says:

    If this abuse was going on since 2009, why in the world didn’t they charge him back then AND take the animals away?! They had to suffer for 7 more years until something was done?! This makes no sense, especially since a neighbor heard/saw this abuse happening.

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    PLEASE don’t blame ASPCA. It’s NOT ASPCA, it’s local law enforcement. ASPCA must have law enforcement permission or they would be breaking the law and could be arrested. It sucks, but it’s the truth of the matter. Local people NEED to start standing up to law enforcement’s dereliction of duty. Get active with local elections and boot out those at the top who REFUSE to make their deputies and officers do their job. Period! That’s the ONLY way to correct this.


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