Only 4 of 8 Great Dane puppies abandoned on side of road survive

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In Mayes County, Oklahoma, an unidentified heartless dog owner or possible “backyard breeder” abandoned eight puppies on the side of the road on Monday. According to the rescue group, Saving Whiskers and Tails, only four of the eight Great Dane puppies have survived.

Rescue founder, Kathy LaValley, whose volunteer group has stepped forward to help the six-week-old survivors was incensed at the cruelty, and on the organization’s Facebook page addressed the person responsible for this heinous act of cruelty:

“SO YOU PIECE OF S*** that didn’t get your dog spayed, then didn’t take care of the puppies, dumped them on the side of the road like trash, left them to die; YOU’RE A COWARD…and I’m personally looking for YOU!
If you know who these puppies belonged to (there were 8 Great Dane pups that we know of, some with blue eyes, mostly dapple), private message me. I promise you that you can remain anonymous. I am offering a $50 reward for information leading to the identification of the owner of these puppies and I have a feeling others will pop up to up the ante. This irresponsible behavior should NOT go unpunished.”

Two of the Great Dane puppies at the bottom of the box had already died  when found by a Good Samaritan. The rest,  all emaciated, had Parvovirus. Two more died because they were so malnourished. The surviving puppies are still being kept in isolation at  Locus Grove Animal Clinic, where veterinarian Dr. David Fleming has been treating them.

On the most recent update, Kathy reports two of the puppies are ready to head out and play, but will require more hospital time before  they are able to move on to foster care.

To help with the medical expenses of the surviving puppies, donations can  be made by clicking here. If anyone has any information about the puppies (there were 8 Great Dane puppies that we know of, some with blue eyes, mostly dapple), private message Kathy.

(Photo of Great Dane puppies via Facebook of Saving Whiskers and Tails)

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    • Darla says:

      Yes……Great Danes aren’t exactly a common breed like a Lab. Someone has to know something. I pray the rest of the puppies survive.

  1. maxiemom says:

    I hope they find the POS who did this. It won’t get what it deserves, but maybe the authorities will be able to locate the thing’s operation and shut it down.


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