34 traumatized slow lorises about to be sold as pets on Facebook

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Thirty-four traumatized slow lorises, about to be sold as pets on Facebook, were rescued on Thursday in Indonesia. According to International Animal Rescue, the endangered  animals were confiscated from traffickers by the police and brought to the rescue center. slow-loris-2

The heartbreaking description of what happened to these shy, nocturnal animals has been posted on the organization’s Facebook page:

“We have just received a brief update from our team currently caring for the 34 rescued lorises. They are still carrying out initial medical checks and assessments, but of the lorises that have been checked so far:

– Six lorises have been found to have air rifle bullets in their bodies.

– Five of the lorises are pregnant, one of which has 3 bullets in her head.

– There is one juvenile loris, who has already had all of her teeth removed.

– All of the animals are traumatised and dehydrated.”slow-lorises-on-facebook-2

A campaign organized by the International Animal Rescue group called, “The Tickling is Torture” has been aimed  at exposing the truth behind the pet slow loris trade. Diki Budiman, Assistant Director of the Special Crime Unit of Polda in West Java described the process of  capturing the animals:

“The modus operandi of these criminals begins with the hunters who capture the animals from the wild. The dealers then sell the lorises for just £3. The dealers then sell them for £12.50 – £31. The lorises are then sold online, via Facebook and other social networks. Social media is a new method that is being used increasingly by animal traffickers.”slow-lorises-on-facebook-3

Karmele Llano Sanchez, Program Director of IAR Indonesia, states that stopping these syndicates is crucial for the survival of many endangered species including the slow loris. As these heartless hunters have already clipped the teeth of the slow lorises to prevent them from biting, it is not known if they will ever be able to be returned to the wild where they belong. If not, the organization will ensure the animals go to sanctuaries where they will be safe from harm ever again.

If you would like to help – even $5.00 to provide a lifesaving syringe to give these  poor animals the nutrients they need can make a huge difference – please click here.

Photos via the International Animal Rescue



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