30 emaciated pit bulls – some dead prompts Lake Mathews animal cruelty investigation

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At a filthy and garbage strewn home near Lake Mathews in LaSierra, California, more than 30 malnourished dogs were found on Wednesday, reports the Press Enterprise. riverside abandoned dogs

“The place is a mess,” stated John Welsh for the Department of Animal Services about a multi-acre property where about six bodies of dead dogs had been discovered near Greentree Drive, less than a mile north of the lake. riverside abandoned dogs 2

Some of the dogs had died in the house. Many of the dogs were found in the urine and feces-filled home. Old cars, engines, aquariums and other debris were strewn through out the property.  Welsh called the situation a clear case of animal neglect, however the owner of the dogs was nowhere to be found. riverside abandoned dogs 3

All of the dogs acted friendly and seemed grateful towards their rescuers. According to AbcNews, Riverside County Department of Animal Services officials will be caring for the dogs. It is believed the owner of the dogs may have been breeding them in the past. This is a developing story, and more details will be provided. riverside abandoned dogs 4

The photos of the dogs and how they lived (and died) are heartbreaking.

(Photos provided by Riverside County Department of Animal Services)


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  1. Dorcas Pruitt says:

    Dirty bastards need to rot in jail !. If these officials and authorities don’t start putting these lowlife jackasses in jail this disgusting treatment of innocent dogs will never stop ! Uphold the law..LOCK THEM UP !!!!!

  2. SOFIA WARRICK says:

    I thank the person that made the phone call to Animal Control. How in world could someone leave these animals in the condition they were found. NO WATER OR FOOD!! I cried when I read this article. I can’t imagine how these dogs suffered in this heat. I hope the owners are found and sentenced to many many days in DEATH VALLEY with not water or food. I pray that the dogs that were found alive will recover and find new homes with loving owners. i pray for the dogs that died. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE.


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