3 school boys admit to raping dog while hunting

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Three school age boys have allegedly admitted raping a dog in Hebron while hunting in Pretoria, South Africa, reports the Pretoria North Rekord.

The disturbing event occurred after the boys asked the dog’s owner if they could borrow the dog to go hunting with them. The evil deed only became known after the boys told a friend at school what had happened. That student reported the crime to the school, who called the dog’s owner and the parents of the children. It is alleged the boys admitted to the sick deed.

SPCA spokesperson, Michael Motloung stated all three boy have been charged criminally and authorities will work to pursue the maximum punishment.

“We have to send out a message that animals cannot be abused for whatever reason. This is  shocking incident,” stated Motloung. “We have opened a case against the three boys, and the police are now handling the matter and taking it forward.”

The dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment and tests, however no results have been made public.

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(Photo: Screenshot via the Rekord)

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    • How can someone’s mind even work that way? God I ask you, why are these people here?
      Thank goodness that the classmate they told went straight to authorities.

  1. Well folks met South Africa’s newest killers, What will they do next? They seem to target the beautiful creatures with no voice, so i imagine their next victims will be small children, boy or girl they have proven they don’t have any type of thought where they poke it as long as goes in a hole, HOPE YOUR CELL MATE, IS A DOG LOVER, AND YOUR EX- FRIENDS GET TO YOU WHEN YOU COME BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD

    • Prosecute the damn parents as well. Those kids are future serial killers/rapists. I won’t have any qualms about putting cement shoes on them.

      • I agree totally Cath. The parents of these “children” need to be held accountable. Their next targets will be children and / or elderly citizens. Anyone that is helpless and vulnerable.

    • You are correct. I believe anyone that will abuse and in this case rape an animal should be locked away from the public before they go to children and the elderly

    • I whole heartedly agree. It is very sad and that poor sweet dog, it’s bringing tears to my eyes. I hope someone beats the crap out of them and they get whats coming the sick bastards. I hope the dog has been taken care of and has found a loving home where she never has to be abused again.

  2. The dog doesn’t look like he/she is taken care of by owner, either. Very bad shape and now been raped by school boys. The dog deserves to be in a better home! The owners and the boys should suffer the consequences of their actions against the poor dog. I so hope the dog gets justice.

  3. PRAYING THE DOG IS OK, AND THESE ROTTEN, KILLING KIDS BE LOCKED UP FOR A LONG TIME! Need to be taught the value of life, any animals life is important!

  4. The state of the dog with ribs showing this dog is also being abused by being starved by owner. The poor dog is in a need of a rescue. As for them teens raping the poor dog future rapist in the making. Sick bastards need to be sentence to prison

    • Yes, that was my first impression. This dog needs food. But if he is under vet’s care, maybe the dog in the photo is a different dog.

    • My thoughts exactly. That dog looks like its had poor care for a long time. Look at the coat, skin, ribs and dogs demeanor. The raping incident with the kids was just the tip of the iceberg. And what dog owner would let some kids take his dog out for hunting if he wasn’t coming along?


  6. Lock those disgusting little bastards UNDER the jail before they do this again and/or move on to other humans! Future serial killers in the making!!
    There is a very special lace in Hell for them…..I don’t care if they are “kids”…..they are SCUM!!

    • Those demons EARNED JAIL TIME!!! They have to pay for theirs abomination period!!! If they can do that to a helpless dog I can’t image what they can do to a human. They don’t deserve mercy. Those soulless humans shouldn’t be around people. If they can do that at young age image what they’re capable of doing as adults. They even dislocated the poor dog’s spine. Only God knows for how long they’ve been raping animals and for how long. By the way, the poor dog looks too skinny, that owner doesn’t take a good care of the poor dog neither. I hope the poor dog get a new owner that can give a forever loving home.

    • I read this story with a very sad heart that any boy would get any joy of having sex with a dog not just one but three, what this poor animal went through goes beyond words. I don’t care if this kids are young their picture should be posted so every body knows the rotting filth of their soul and God for bid next time it could be a child. to the boys at the time of your attack know that you were in the presents of the devil and giving him the happiness knowing your on your way to him and hell.

  7. Proud parents?? Hope boys are castrated along with the abusive owner…lots of extremely sick people in that town, obviously. Root out the rest and just shoot them on sight!!

  8. if those were my kids…..wholly moley….they would have to call the police on me after i beat the shit out of them….boy i would make them bend over a chair….

  9. I think this is disgusting that the poor animal was put through this they are not put on this earth to be abused by humans it’s about time the law stepped up to teach scumbags like this how to treat animals and its about time they had rights every animal deserves to be treated tightrope the judge will do the right thing and show these boys they have done wrong it could be a child next the world has gone sex mad

    • Friend. .how i agree my heart achrs obviously owner should also have been charged 4animal cruelty where is poor baby.ill give him a hom also parents of rapists should also b charged w child neglect.boy lets my friends dtart a online petition.

  10. This is so sad and sick !!
    These boys regardless of their age should be sent to jail for this horrible act and given the maximum sentence !!
    They also need psychological help because they are not thinking normal..
    Really disturbing !!

  11. What a@@holes. They’re disgusting and I hope they get a harsh punishment. Though, this doesn’t let the owners off easy, either. That poor dog looks malnourished. I hope, now that this poor dog is with the vet, that someone steps in and fosters it.

  12. Please could someone go and get the dog .ive seen dogs in better condition that have been rescued from people for being neglected .

  13. Thanks to the child that reported it after the boys told him. Too bad – only one decent child out of four. The dog is emaciated and certainly the owner should be charged also with abuse and neglect. Vile, disgusting,brutal, atrocious and worthless living beings. The dog is more precious than any of them. The dog deserves the best, and they deserve the worst life can offer. Here is hoping they all get it.

  14. SPCA spokesperson, Michael Motloung stated “We have to send out a message that animals cannot be abused for whatever reason…” but HUNTING is OKAY and called a noble SPORT?? Ummm….you can’t rape but you can kill. If you rape, it’s abuse, if you kill, it’s sport. Sure!!

  15. Well, the shape that the dogs in, I think the owner of the dog needs to be right there with the teens as they let them hav their punishment, which will probably not be enuff punishment for what they did to the poor dog!!!?

  16. The dog looks very skiny and a very bad condirion. He should be found a new owner and those boys deserve to go to jail and may the same think happened to them! How can anyone hurt an animal who are such kind, loving creatures. I love animals more than people. With a very good reason. I wish I could help all the animls hurting in this world. Animals need a mother Theresa too. Someone who will teach all the world to love them and to be kind to them. All this stories about torturing animals leave me heart broken.

  17. This is what happens when the take God out of school n make both parents work just to make ends meet!! This has to stop animal abuse has to stop! PLZ these boys needs extensive mental treatment!! That poor dog needs a better home than it has not treated good at home either!!

  18. Why is the dog so thin. Doesn’t look like the owners really took care of the dog. Sick kids. Wonder what kind of parents they have. The whole story and picture is how the devil is taking over

  19. The age of reasoning to know Right from Wrong used to be 7 years old. But with Technology and Sexual Assault Desensitization, these Sub-Humans should be BRANDED so that others can be made aware of their total lack of Empathy for the VOICELESS!!! Thankfully, they had to brag of their Disgusting Depravity to a Peer with a Soul. Let the punishment fit the CRIMES… Put them on Rape Stands for a Pack of K-9s to Mount!!! Also, the Owner should be punished for the NEGLECT to provide adequate care and failing to Report the Crimes by removing the privilege of EVER owning a pet again!!!

  20. These sociopathes deserve long term incarceration, psychiatric evaluations and public ally apologize for having sex with a dag. They should also have to register as SEX OFFENDERS. SHAME ON THE PARENTS/GUARDIANS ALSO

  21. They’ll probably DEPORT them to THE USA !!!! As if our country hasn’t enough of this VILE TYPE of TRASH here now!!!! What the hell will they progress to when the reach adulthood ??? These issues are beyond over the TOP!!! They have been and seen this type of behavior more than likely from the time they could walk .Their parents are not positive role models and to be so young and have such criminal minds , these kids had no INTENTION of HUNTING!!

  22. If this is the real dog, she’s in horrible shape, my question would be are they taking the dog away from the owner? He didn’t notice something was terribly wrong with her ? No he didn’t because from the looks of her, he can’t even take time to feed her, this is horrible.

    • Maybe these boys need to be rape so they know how it feels what they did to this poor dog….he looks like the owner should be found guilty of animal cruelty also he doesn’t look to healthy to me or millions of other people!!!! Check out the owner also along with those POS

      • I so agree with you Patricia Hilton Green. This is unacceptable! The boys and the owner needs to be charged. I hope they took this poor sweet dog away from the owner. This poor dog doesn’t look healthy to me at all, you can see her ribs…….. Action needs to be done immediately for this sweet poor baby!

  23. Maybe these boys need to be rape so they know how it feels what they did to this poor dog….he looks like the owner should be found guilty of animal cruelty also he doesn’t look to healthy to me or millions of other people!!!! Check out the owner also along with those POS

  24. That is absolutely disgusting! I don’t care how old these perverted boys are, they should have their filthy, little wieners eaten off by this obviously hungry dog. If these boys are committing such despicable acts at this age, what will they be doing when they get older?
    There age is no excuse. Off with their wieners!

  25. OMG, if this is a photo of the poor creature why has the “owner” not also been charged for neglect? Poor baby needs a home with some love and kindess.

  26. It has been a few weeks what is going on with this baby has it been to the vets and been taken care of or did these sick Bastard get away with it??!!!!

  27. They need to get the owners for the shape that the dog is in not very good by looking at this picture fucken rotten Bastard also … fuck this justice system it isn’t working for the animals I say we all go after these sick fucks!!!!!

  28. These perverted boys should be stripped naked and have their little dicks rubbed with beef and then put in a cage with hungry dogs.
    These boys are disgusting and should be eaten alive!

  29. They all need to be raped with broom handled and then have their genitals cut off and shoved it in their mouths!!! So sick of evil people getting away with this animal Abuse !!!

  30. Any new information on how this dog is doing? Has a new home with loving people been found for this dog? It is obvious he/she needs a new home considering the shape it is in. Have the owners been charged with neglect? Any new information on the charges against the boys? Can we expect any answers to our questions?

  31. What happened to the dog was the dog saved?!is the dog ok, how can you write article like this without telling public what happened to this poor soul, went to vet ok is he or she okay!

  32. What happened to the dog? It’s apparent that this dog is abused by the owner for its underweight and looks in poor shape.
    Has this dog been rescued? Or still with the abusive owner or sitting in a shelter with out any medical attention or love?
    Please do a follow up on the condition of the dog

  33. This makes me so mad. 1) the boys should go to prison for the rest of their lives if they did this to this poor baby what the heck do you think they are going to do when they get older come on think about it. 2) the owner should as well for starving the poor baby and even allowing the boys to take him. I hope they pay for what they have done and one day they will have to meet their maker and will infact pay for their sick sins you sick s.o.bs

  34. CASTRATE THESE SEXUALLY DEVIANT PSYCHOS!!!! Oh! And by the way, looks to me that the owner is lacking in the proper care of this poor dog,so so skinny!

  35. These “school boys” stopped being boys the moment they conspired and followed through with this rape. I so hope the punishment will fit the crime, but sadly it probably will not.
    For those out there who will not take this crime seriously because the victim is not human, keep in mind this is merely a stepping stone for these 3 deranged, disgusting little freaks. If not punished appropriately, it’s only a matter of time before they move on to human victims.


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