3-pound puppy abused and left to suffer

The tragic story of a seven-month-old Chihuahua abused and left to suffer by his family has affected even the most stoic rescuer. When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help Wednesday night, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan was heartbroken. The 3-pound puppy, dubbed Liam is currently at an emergency veterinarian in Maryland fighting for his life.liam-2

“Little Liam had two of our awesome volunteers visit him last night, and they brought him a soft toy and blanket and let him know he has a whole village of people who love him to death and are praying so hard he can be strong and pull thru this horrible ordeal,” Jackie posted to Facebook followers. “They spoke softly to him and gave him soft kisses. He looked at them and even tried to move his broken little body. He is so weak. Aside from being in oxygen, he has a feeding tube in his nose to get the glucose he desperately needs to survive. He cannot tolerate fluids right now as his little chest filled with fluid and had to be tapped.

We so don’t want this horrible life to be the end of the road for this precious baby. He is only 7 months old & down to 3 pounds.”

Liam had allegedly been dropped by the children in his home thus injuring two of the pup’s legs. The family took him to an emergency veterinarian, but stated they couldn’t afford treatment and left with pain medication, but not before promising the personnel at the hospital they would be following up with their regular vet. Two weeks later, Liam is back at the emergency veterinarian – the family then admits the severely injured puppy had only been administered one dose of pain medication in the last two weeks and was never taken to their family vet.

“So basically, he somehow suffered severe trauma in the home, went thru two weeks of suffering in the home and returned to the ER vet last night emaciated with pressure sores, low blood sugar, dehydrated and near death,” described Jackie.  “To say we are UPSET & HORRIFIED is an understatement! They abused him, let him suffer and then brought him in to be killed! WTH is that! It’s an absolute horror for this baby.”

An animal cruelty case is currently under investigation.

Say a little prayer for Liam. Hang in there little guy. Had Rescue Dogs Rock NYC not stepped in to help, this puppy would not have had a chance. To help with Liam’s extraordinary medical expenses, please click here.  PayPal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

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(Photo of 3-pound puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)