3 owners arrested for torturing their Shih Tzu

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Three suspects face charges for torturing their Shih Tzu in Clinton Township, Michigan on Monday after their dog was found suffering last week. The severely neglected Shih Tzu, with clumps of matted hair covering her eyes , paws and restricting her circulation, was found roaming the streets by Macomb County Animal Control on Halloween.

Christopher Penn, 36, Sonja Sturdivant, 49, and Demico Knight Jr., 21 were the co-owners of the defenseless seven-year-old dog, dubbed Elvira. The gentle pup had to be shaved from over one pound of mats and knots, had untreated broken back legs, is missing a front foot, is partially blind and who will need extensive dental surgeries in the future as she regains her strength.

According to Click on Detroit, Elvira is currently in the care of Advanced Animal Emergency in Clinton Township.  When found, the mats on her coat completely covered her face and her paws.  Macomb County Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo stated the dog suffered for years.

“You know there are people who saw her and ignored it. This was preventable. The owners could have easily surrendered the dog to animal control. This is animal cruelty. It is a four-year felony,” stated Randazzo.

Penn, Sturdivant, and Knight Jr. will be arraigned in 41B District Court. Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith was shocked at the extent of the dog’s cruelty and assures the public the owners will be held accountable.

As for Elvira, the Patch states she is slowly healing, and the friendly little pooch likes to give kisses and play. She is now in a foster home, and hopefully sometime in the future, she will be ready to be adopted. If you would like to help with Elvira’s recovery, please click here.

(Photos of torturing their Shih Tzu via vet tech Keyshia White)

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6 replies
  1. ellen filoteo says:

    These people neglected and abusing dogs are not human they belong in oriso and mentsl instutution they are so evil ,no heart ….omg why they do all this evil things to the dogs.

  2. edward says:

    I just agree that they don’t not need to be put in a mental institution I need to be shot in the head dead or three m************ that’s a f****** s*** for that poor child go through that suffering put a f****** f****** me right through your f****** head 203 them m************

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    What the HELL about FAMILY MEMBERS of these PUKES!!! How could they allow this to go ON & ON!!! the neighbors I am SURE OTHER”S saw this and Turned their heads…. THEY TOO SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE!!! A$$ HOLES each and every ONE OF THEM!!!!

  4. Merri Cassel says:

    These “animals”” are cruel, demented and evil…they must be punished and never be near a dog, cat or anything ever again!!! Praying for this lil one to have a speedy recovery and be loved for the rest of life ….


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