3-month-old neglected puppy in pain from severe case of mange

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In Columbia, South Carolina, a 3-month-old neglected puppy literally rubbed the skin off of his face and body desperately trying to assuage the pain of mange covering nearly his entire body. At the local shelter, poor little Kirby’s blood could be seen on the walls and floor of his kennel cage as he continued to rub and rub.

On Tuesday, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received a desperate plea to help the 15-pound puppy thought to be a bulldog. Although he looked a mess and felt just as lousy, he still wagged his tail and wanted and waited to be loved.

“Can you help? 3-month-old neglected puppy at City of Columbia shelter is covered in mange. He has rubbed his face to where the skin has pulled off, along with the skin on his chest and legs. He is in pain but as sweet as possible,” came the email message to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization.

Of course, Jackie wouldn’t say no, and Kirby has been successfully transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian where he is now being treated and finally alleviated of the constant itching and pain associated with pure neglect.

“Why why why would anyone watch him get to this state? He’s a baby, only 3 months old,” stated Jackie who stated puppies are especially difficult to see suffering.

To help Kirby, donations can be made by clicking here, PayPal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or send checks to RDR, NYC, PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028.

Photos of 3-month-old neglected puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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6 replies
  1. Lisa Pelegrino says:

    WHY do ‘animal shelters’ ALLOW these poor animals to be left untreated and suffer for ANY amount of time?? There are HUMANS (well, SUBHUMANS) that work there and can CLEARLY see the pain and anguish ANY animals experiences in their “CARE”!!! It is disgusting and cruel to know that these poor animals are left to suffer for ANY amount of time! I don’t care if they ARE strays or not!!! They FEEL pain for CHRISTS SAKE!!! Bastards.

    • Linda Szymoniak says:

      It’s S. Carolina, and the dog appears to be at least part Pittie. All three of the rescue dogs I have now came from shelters in NC and SC, and they were actually in BETTER shelters than some, but still there is much to be done for the animals in the south. Thank goodness Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up for this pup. I’m sure they’ll get him healthy and find him the perfect forever home.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    YOU KNOW I HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT for Rock DOGS OF NY!!!! Too bad the HSUS isn’t one bit like them!!!! They spend huge amounts of money on the National TELEVISION ADS getting Donations instead!!! Also paying HUGE Salaries to TOP DOGS in the ORGANIZATION!!!

  3. Crazy Aunt Jane says:

    Poor little guy! If they aren’t going to treat a dog it should be euthanized not allowed to continue to suffer!! But for a friendly 3 month old? The is NO excuse to not threat him. Years ago before vets were as common and available as they are now I found a starved mangy pup. Something about it grabbed my heart and I went to the local feed store and bought a mange dip. (let the late begin) Two weeks later and plenty of food she was adorable and became one of my favorite dogs! NO EXCUSE for not caring for him!


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