3 cruel men thrash and blind pregnant dog for straying onto farm

In another horrifying incident of extreme cruelty to animals, in the village of Raipur Khurd, Mohali, India, three brothers have been accused of beating a pregnant dog, stabbing her in the eyes and hanging her from a tree, reports IndiaNews.

Unfortunately, even with all the media reports and outraged animal advocates across the globe placing pressure on the government to revamp and enforce animal cruelty laws, another horrific act has made social media news.  In this case, the three accused Makhan Singh, Harmeet Singh and Dassa captured the pregnant dog as she entered their farm. Apparently the dog had been chasing hens when the men beat her, and then hung her from a tree. One of the brothers stabbed her with a machete while the other two held on to her. And after torturing her, the men released her.

An eyewitness to the grizzly torture stated:

“The incident took place on the morning of October 11. When I heard a dog’s sharp cries, I went out and saw the men assaulting the animal. I immediately rushed to the spot.”

By the time the witness reached the dog, the men had already brutalized her eyes, and as the Good Samaritan yelled out to let the dog go, the brothers threatened him and yelled they would kill all stray dogs in the area. The four-year-old dog was then rushed to the SPCA Hospital. One of her eyes was lost, and she now has low vision in the other. She is currently being treated with antibiotics, but  surgery has been delayed until she delivers her puppies – expected within the next few days.

Formal complaints have been filed with the government, however no action against the men has been taken by the Sohana Police. A spokesperson for the police stated they are awaiting the medical  report for the dog before filing an action.

“We want the accused given such a harsh punishment that in future, no one dares to commit such a heinous crime,” stated area residents Gurmeet Singh and Ekam Singh, the Tribune reports.

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Photo via screenshot IndiaNews


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