2 stray dogs attacked by porcupines ‘could’ve starved to death’

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Two stray, emaciated dogs attacked by porcupines, in the area of Regina, Saskatchewan, are on a slow road to recovery thanks to a rescue group. bright-eyes-dog-rescue-2

According to Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, had the dogs not been rescued less than a week ago, it is likely they would have starved to death, as a result of having been attacked by porcupines; neither dog had been able to drink or eat. According to the organization’s Facebook page, Chantal Cattell, the director of the rescue, described the dogs now dubbed Quinn and Quincy, as having had the painful quills stuck in their faces, noses, roof of their mouths and on their tongues. No one knows if the dogs were just so hungry they attacked the porcupines, but had the dogs not been found by a Good Samaritan, they would not have survived.

Quinn and Quincy arrived at the rescue at different times and were both found by the same person in the same area. It is thought the dogs are siblings, and because they  were so hungry had taken on the losing battle with the porcupine together. Both dogs are being treated at the Animal Clinic of Regina under 24/7 care as the quills have been slowly removed. Veterinarians think the dogs walked around with the painful quills for an extended amount of time.

Sadly, Quinn has lost the vision in her right eye due to  a quill detaching her retina. It is expected she will lose her eye. Both dogs were terrified, but are  slowly coming around. The dogs have been slowly reintroduced to food because of their emaciated condition.bright-eyes-dog-rescue-3

“BEDR is very sad to say that we are activating an intake freeze due to our high medical costs. Our vet bill has crept up to the $30,000 mark and has left our group feeling overwhelmed, and our resources are taxed. We are hoping this will be a short lived freeze, as we know there are dogs out there that need our help. We simply do not have the funds,” Chantal posted to Facebook followers.

The veterinary bill for Quinn and Quincy has already topped $5,000. To help, donations can  be made by clicking here.bright-eyes-dog-rescue-4

(Photos for attacked by porcupines  from Bright Eyes Dog Rescue Facebook)

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  1. Darla says:

    Some vets give a “rescue discount” for services. I wonder if this group’s vet does that….if not, maybe they need to shop around for a new provider.


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