2-month-old puppy dies after teen drugged pet ‘for fun’

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A two-month-old puppy suffered an agonizing death as it choked on its own vomit after a heartless teenager fed the pup drugs “for fun,” reports the Express. Puppy chokes on own vomit

According to news reports, the responsible culprit was a 17-year-old teen from Hungary who lived in Varpalota. An animal rights activist, Laura Antal posted the video and story on Facebook showing the puppy writhing and whimpering in pain as it vomited. As described, the teen thought it was “fun.” Laura’s heart wrenching description as told on her Facebook page (translation) states:

“It’s not enough that she was drugged and our hands died between this little drop of soul, even stolen puppy! Daylight was stolen from a yard out!!! Oh about to watch it more and more in shape we can auction on the shooter / shooters!!! My 17 year old girl / girls should we as punishment!!!
We did the report animal cruelty changes and the drug use and for keeping the original master and has / have for a steal!!!

The disturbing video has already garnered more  than 201,000 views.

Tragically, veterinarians decided to humanely euthanize the puppy who barely started his life; no one knew what drugs he had been given. puppy chokes on own vomit 2

“We have seen so many sad, harsh, cruel disgusting and shocking cases over our time spent caring for animals, but today all of us remain shocked,” Laura added.

The teen is now under investigation and authorities are concerned the puppy may had previously been abused as evidenced by a cast on its leg. Rest in peace little one.

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29 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    That’s once ‘teenager’ who doesn’t need to reach the age of 20. If this is what it thinks is fun, I don’t want to know what it thinks is serious. GD monster.

  2. Darla says:

    RIP little one. Your days of suffering are over. The cretin who did this to the puppy needs to have the same thing done to her.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Here’s a novel idea — give the maggot puke brat some unknown drugs, tape it’s mouth shut & let nature take its course!!!

  4. edward says:

    Why. Would you find that fun. If you thought would be fun check this out. Ready. Dry ice chips in your mouth and. Pieces in your eyes. Then take razor blafe and cut your. Whole body. Has uour slowling bleeding salt in the cuts. With lemon juice. Then as a finale. Dump drano down your. Throat. You piece of shit

  5. David Pierce says:

    Now that brought tears to my eyes, and it takes a lot for me to do even that. So very sad! Let me get ahold of that idiot teenager (when 18, of course) and I’ll teach a lesson that will never be forgotten! Rest in peace little guy! Your in better place, away from idiots who did this!

  6. carolyn robinson says:

    8 week old baby already with a broken leg. How the f*ck could anyone do that to a baby and think its “fun”. The level of sick evil animal abuse in this world is spiralling completely out of control. This just breaks me into pieces.

    Run free gorgeous boy and may the piece of human excrement who did this- die a 100 times more painful death than you 🙁

    • Sandy says:

      I agree with you Carolyn you said it best. RIP little puppy your safe and free of pain now. My heart just breaks for you.

  7. virginia green says:

    did it to him also.do what ever was done to the baby.plus charge him with killing a 4 legged kid wearing fur also.

  8. Miki says:

    So sad! Rest in peace little pup! As to the addled brained monster who did this, a nice long jail sentence like 10 – 20 years to give this person time to think about what they did,

  9. Debbie says:

    Investigate – they better do more than just investigate – drug/poison the idiot exactly the same that was done to the defenceless little pup – let’s see how idiot-features writhes in pain with no-one to help.

  10. Marina Ma says:

    i am not getting whole story… teenager couldnt tell what drugs was given.. they couldnt do iv and pump his stomach?? so they euthanized
    him of not knowing what he was given NOT he died choking on his vomit??? these pictures of the baby still alive??from vet? who couldnt help him not choked ? I am confused..

  11. Evan says:

    Oh man poor little guy 🙁 Can’t believe someone would do this to a puppy. His suffering is over now and may he rest in peace.

  12. Lauren Lo Bjorklund says:

    oh noooo.. no no no hell no… the teen is being investigated?>?? LOCK that Idiot up now!!! nothing more to investigate,.,, the puppy already had a cast on its arm… what the hell is that all about yet the story says it was stolen from a yard… that sounds fishy.. so the original owner perhaps was abusing the dog too? or why is a puppy alone in a yard… what??? listen that POS needs to be charged.. and punished… why did they have to euthanize the puppy/ why not flush the system? I cant follow this story.. how did the puppy get rescued form this killer>>? what did I miss? I am so sorry little one… sooo sorry please angels hold the little one and show her love in Gods name.

  13. Marissa says:

    I can’t even say what I would want to do to this ignorant heartless little bitch. Karma will come around and hopefully she will get what she deserves. To do this to a 2 month old puppy you have to be one sadistic twisted little bitch whom by the way should never be allowed to have children. Rest in peace Daylight you did not deserve this, ypu poor little baby…


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