Update: 2-month-old abandoned puppy clinging to life ‘needs a miracle’

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UPDATE: Libre continues to fight. On Wednesday, Janine finally was able to hold the puppy as she updated everyone on the organization’s Facebook page stating it was the first time she was able to hold him since he arrived at the vet:

“…Thinking of you lying alone to die a lonely death, hurts me more than words can describe. Thinking of you never knowing an ounce of love makes my heart break in to a million pieces. .
But please know this. You are no longer alone. You have a whole village behind you. You have brought tears to thousands of people. With every little improvement you make , you put smiles on those same faces. And with your strength and courage to fight and live, you have made the doubters believe.

With hopes you will soon be running around, wagging your tail and doing all the playful antics expected from puppies…

Libre update

As families and friends gathered together to celebrate the 4th of July, the Speranza Animal Rescue volunteers were called to help after a woman discovered an emaciated, dehydrated puppy during her walk on Monday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The puppy had been left for dead; fortunately the good Samaritan brought the pup to an emergency veterinarian where the rescue organization’s founder, Janine Guido rushed to help. The puppy was in and out of consciousness, barely breathing, and according to the vet was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse she had ever seen.

“She assumed I wanted to let him go. To have him euthanized, and when I said do whatever you need to do for him to have a chance, she had a surprised tone in her voice. And she said ok.”

There was the acrid smell of necrotic flesh, but as Janine looked down and saw the tiny head peeking out of the blanket, the doctor stating the puppy’s chances for survival were slim, she just couldn’t turn her back. And at that moment,  the puppy dubbed Libre became a new family member of the Speranza Animal Rescue.

Miraculously surviving the night, Libre arrived at Dillsburg Veterinary Clinic early Tuesday morning. Testing positive for demodectic mange, secondary skin infections that continue to ooze and maggots emanating from open sores, Libre remains in critical condition.

Libre the puppy 2

An update from the animal hospital indicates Libre is:

“We are treating his wounds/infection with strong antibiotics, IV fluids, pain medication and Therapy Laser. We continue to flush maggots from his wounds as this is a timely process. Dr. Pryor was able to feed him some wet food..he actually gobbled it down quickly and then lifted his little head up on his own!!!Although he is still in very critical condition, he is a fighter and is being lifted up with all your prayers?”

Libre the puppy 3

Feeling a tiny bit better we bet?

Libre the puppy 4

And everyone is working and praying for Libre’s survival. He’s just a baby, who most likely has only experienced a short life of horror and misery.

Libre the puppy 7

Check out how Libre actually enjoyed some canned food. Get well soon little one. To help with Libre’s veterinary care expenses, please click here.

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(Photos by Dillsburg Vet Center and Speranza Animal Rescue)

8 replies
    • Sylvia Woodgate says:

      Bless the person who found this poor baby, prayers for his recovery. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel humans are. What goes around goes around!

  1. Barbara Kruza says:

    These animal abusers need to be punished and harshly! I would have them in prison for no less than 25 years, no plea bargains and too bad for them!

  2. Jackie says:

    Who ever done this to this little puppy is SICK!!! The only thing I can say is when I see something like this the only answer is to find out who done it and hen do the exact same thing to them. Humans are worse and more cruel than any animal could ever be. Prayers that this little guy survives and finds a home to give him more love than he can handle.


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